06 February 2012

I Fail At Packing

I did a "mock pack" and failed epically.
need to think this through.
too many clothes.
I ended up with one pair of jeans and 6 tops... for 3 nights!
then when i finally managed to battle with the zipper and get it closed, I remembered that I hadn't packed my pyjamas! DOH!
Then I realised most of the clothes I had packed, are not very practical (all a bit fancy).
So I went searching through my wardrobe and found my "Spoiler" tee & "Geek" tee.

So I've decided... those two tees, my jeans (I only own one pair of jeans without holes) and one pair of shoes :) and my grey hoodie.
I leave for Perth on Friday. I don't know what I will do in Perth on Saturday (NOT GO SHOPPING).

Okay, off to re-pack and see how well I do this time :P

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