05 February 2012

No Work For Me!

I'm on holiday! 17 days where I don't have to go to work!!! I'm so excited.
Other than going to Sydney (only a week to go) I'm going to be proactive and make heaps of badges, and go through my stuff ready for the Mega Awesome Epic Garage Sale mum is having. I wanted her to call it the "Mega Awesome Epic Garage Sale" when she did ads for it, but she won't :( I will convince her, since it is to help raise money for Kids Central and kids like things that are Mega, Awesome & Epic :) We are also going to have a "Bake Sale" it's going to be AWESOME! If you're in Albany and want to stay up to date with Kids Central information like us on Facebook :)

ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO UNTIL I FLY TO SYDNEY! I have the most epic To Do/Packing List. Even though I plan not to take very much with me to Sydney, my packing list seems to be epic... may need to edit it a bit. :)

I'm having urges to get a tattoo again :) but being the stupid indecisive geek that I am... I don't know what I want. Deathly Hallow, Dark Mark, "Don't Panic", a Bumblebee, Scorpius Constellation? But I keep telling myself... "NO TATTOO UNTIL I WEIGH UNDER 100KG!"

I'm nervous about going to Sydney on my own. It's going to be uncomfortable sitting next to a random on the plane for 4 hours. My sister downloaded Homeland (mmmm... Damien Lewis) and New Girl (yay... Zooey Deschanel) so at least I'll have something to watch. I hope the person sitting next to me is not;

  • A very talkative person
  • A small child
  • A hot man... that would be awkward!
Need to find my epic huge hoodie and just hide from everyone :) The weather forecast for next Sunday is 24 with a chance of Showers... so I will probably need to take a jumper or something.



  1. I want to get a tattoo too! I have so many things. I think I'd get anywhere, bar my arms, at my current weight. I think i'd prefer to lose weight before an arm tattoo.

    I'm so used to flying by myself it doesn't worry me, in the past 3 years i've caught about 18 flights by myself. Just stick in your headphones and zone out (I usually get a window and sleeeep)

    If you want to catch up when in Sydney, feel free to email me natatree@gmail.com!

  2. http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lytp6qtrxs1qdzlu6o1_500.jpg

  3. It's a picture btw its not spam, its a tattoo of don't panic - i thought you may have liked it :/

  4. Holy shit that's badassss!