22 March 2012


Hey guys.
Sorry about being AWOL recently. I'm back at that point where I just can't be fucked posting... or I write a post and it just gets saved to Drafts and never sees the light of day.
I'm thinking about reorganising The Princess and The Geek, making it more structured, turning it into a pop culture blog instead of a personal diary. It's a little of both at the moment. I just post what I feel like at that point in time, it's all over the place and is starting to annoy me. I don't know what you guys think of it, but I'm just not liking it at the moment.
I'm going to try and develop my writing skills. I've always been interested in working on magazines, and I think if I'm going to eventually do that, I should probably get some articles and such under my belt.
I've rekindled my friendship with my cousin. After almost 3 years of not talking, we're talking again. Other than my sisters, she was my closest friend and had the most in common with me in this tiny town. It's so nice to have her to talk to :) It's amazing that even after not talking to her for 3 years, we have discovered the same fandoms and like the same things :) well except the fact she doesn't know who Benedict Cumberbatch is and doesn't play Minecraft. But that will change :)

So stay tuned :)