30 April 2012

Day 8 - Sad Things

"Things that make you sad"

Cruelty to animals.
True war movies. Especially when they're set during World War 2 (thank you Steven Spielberg)
My weak emotional brain :)
Living so far away from anyone worth talking to :)

Being Me... sometimes! I'm okay today. I made Cookies & Cream cheesecake. Don't know if it has worked yet. Fingers crossed.

There are a lot of things in the world that make me sad, but I tend not to dwell on them, it just makes it worse, I think about the happy things... so look out for tomorrows' 365 Project!

29 April 2012

Day 7 - Labyrinth

"a show or a movie that has changed you, and how"

This is a hard one. I love movies and TV... they're the main reason I'm a geek :) It's hard to pinpoint one that has changed me.

I don't remember the first time I watched Labyrinth, but I remember always asking for mum to put it on. The day the video cassette stopped working... that was a sad day! Luckily mum had managed to find another one. I think we went through 4 video cassettes... and so far I've destroyed one DVD version of it. (but's its okay, because I have 3 different DVD versions and 1 copy of blu-ray)
I don't know what it was that made me love it so much. The mixture of live-action and puppets, the fantasy element. I can't say that it was David Bowie, because I would of only been 6 or so when I watched it, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have "feelings" for him then. At 6, I didn't understand the whole story. It was more how pretty it was, the characters, the music. It wasn't until later when I picked out the clues, like Sarah having all the "toys" of the characters she met, and the picture of her actress mother with her onstage love (who looked ALOT like David Bowie) so was it a dream! It didn't matter.

It wasn't until recently that I realised how many amazing filmmakers and artist were involved in making this movie. George Lucas, Brian Froud, Terry Jones (from Monty Python) and recently discovering that Kevin Clash (who is the puppeteer and voice of Elmo) was one of the main puppeteers! (his name is even on the poster!) All these people I discovered separately to Labyrinth, and they all connected together, without me knowing. I love it when that happens.

I can't wait to make my children watch Labyrinth. I don't know what it is that does it. But it's my favourite film and the film that I believe changed me. It made me more aware of the film-making industry and made the world that little bit more magical.

28 April 2012

Day 6 - Changing Myself.

"Something you would like to change about yourself"

This one is easy. My weight. It's the only think I ever want to change. I'm okay having my crappy teeth, I'm okay being an over emotional wreck. I just wish I wasn't so fat.
And I don't want to be skinny! I'm a size 26 at the moment and would die to be a size 18. I would be quite happy weighing 100kg!
I honestly think that losing weight would solve most of my problems.
I know it will be hard, and I am trying!

I'm happy with every other aspect of my life. Even the emotional outbursts and bouts of depression and anxiety. That I can deal with. I just want to be less fat :)

27 April 2012

Day 5 - Look Up!

"Something you would change about the world"

I would bring planets and stars closer.
So when you looked up into the sky, you would see nebulas and the rings on Saturn, without needing to use a telescope.
I've seen the rings on Saturn and the red band around Jupiter through a telescope, and even though the image is small, it's still amazing. The fact that you can see something that far away, relatively easily from you're own backyard. It's amazing!

People don't look up enough. Even during the day, there are clouds and the moon. At night on a clear night you can see things that are hundreds of light years away. Stars that are on the other side of the universe, stars that are so big that they would engulf Earth, and Mars, and Jupiter and Pluto, if placed in the same place as our Sun. Huge red stars, and tiny white stars. Stars that gravitational pull is so great that they steal matter from stars near it. Stars that have planets orbiting about them. Stars that are older than Earth, older than our solar system.

I would like to look up and see more.
I know there are probably "better" things to change.
But this would be something I would like.

26 April 2012

Day 4 - Dreams That Change My Life...

"How you think your life would change if you achieved your dreams"

I don't have any defined "dreams" I have lifetime goals. Like having kids (which I'm not ready for), falling in love (also not ready for). I used to want to travel the world, but after my first experience in a commercial airplane... that's probably not going to happen.  I haven't decided what I want to do when I "grow up", so I don't have any dream of doing that, and my other "dreams" mostly involve celebrities or fictional characters.... so that's NEVER going to happen.

I don't think achieving my dreams would make my life any better/easier, there is always going to be issues, whether they're here now, or in the future. That sounds rather negative of me, and maybe it is. But even the richest people have issues.

Since the questions have been a little shitty :) I'm going to post some gifs. Everyone loves gifs....

25 April 2012

Anzac Day

It's ANZAC Day today.
I always feel very unpatriotic.
I'm not scared of admitting how much I don't like Australian music, movies, anything etc.
So on days like today when the whole country (and New Zealand) is remembering fallen comrades, I feel like shit.
I don't go to dawn services, I don't go to the parades. I'm just happy to have the day off work.
I'm not a very good Australian.
I always seemed to be more British than anything. Irish, Scottish... even Welsh. Just not Australian.
But I'm very lucky to be an Australian.
My job is sercure. I have health care, went to a good school, have food and fresh water. So I really shouldn't bitch about it.
And if those men fighting for us had failed. I wouldn't exist. My great great grandfather made himself younger to fight for his country (he was fighting for the English at that point) but if he had failed, I wouldn't be here. And everything would be different.
So I do remember those who fought for us, and those who are still fighting for us, and those heading out to fight for us.
Without you. There is no us.
Lest we forget.

Day 3 - Reasons

What you think your reason for being here is.

I'm here to fill the world with joy. LOL probably not.
I think I'm here to grow. Every living thing in this world is here doing the same thing... growing, whether physically, mentally, emotionally etc.

I don't believe I have a set purpose, or that god (or whoever) know the ending of my story. I guess I'm here to make it the best story I can. Even if I think I'm not doing a very good job.

Honestly, I don't think I have a reason for being here. It's just choices I've made, and paths I've choosen. No Reason... just am!

I promise that the questions are going to get better! :P

24 April 2012

Day 2 - Illegal things that should be Legal

Something that's illegal but you think it should be legal.

This one is hard. Things that are illegal are illegal for a reason. I've always been a "good girl" if it's illegal I won't do it, I've been "pressured" into smoking dope, but walked away, and I'm proud of myself for doing so. I don't see the point of questioning laws and authority, they are there for a reason. But in saying that, I would like to be able to make my own choices.

I believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed. I've been hearing a lot about it on the news and online. It seems stupid that even though 2 people can love each other so much, that they can't be married and legally recognised as a couple. What is wrong with it? The church says its against the teaching of god or whatever, but this has nothing to do with the church. It's about being recognised as a married couple. I don't think you will find very many Roman Catholic same-sex couples (I'm sure there is some). The church and the government shouldn't be the same thing!

Another thing. The ability to choose whether or not I can get an abortion, or euthanasia. I don't personally believe in them, but I want others to be able to choose whether they can.

23 April 2012

Day 1 - Hopes & Dreams & Plans & Me

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself.

First off... the dreaded picture of myself. Looking pretty much how I feel at the moment. BLAH :) One day I will smile :)
messy room and red faced :D
well I want to actually finish it :)
also I think it will be a good way to open up. I'm having issues with the inside me not matching the outside me. I want to express myself in the real world, not just online. And I think and HOPE that this project will help.
More followers and comments wouldn't be a bad thing either.

The dreams I've been having are probably not appropriate for my blog.... *wink wink*
More confidence. More friends. More self-esteem. More Fun... just MORE :P

No plans yet. Just going to jump right in the deep end and swim from my life. I don't like water that much. I have a fear of being in the ocean, or there being big waves... so using jumping in the deep end as an analogy is making me a little nervous. I need a tribble to calm me down.

Tribble makes me content :)

365 Project

While I was "cleaning" my room I found a list I had printed off. It was a list of 365 prompts, for a 365 day project. I had highlighted some of the prompts I wanted to answer, but I have decided that (even though I'll never ever finish) that I'm going to do it! I'm going to do a 365 day project. I know I probably won't succeed, but it's worth a try.

One prompt a day.
If I miss a day I will just do that prompt the next day.
I will be Honest. Some of the questions are a little private. But I'm going to answer them ALL!
It doesn't matter if it takes me longer than 365 days.
When it asks for a photo of me. I will post a CURRENT PHOTO!

I will tag the posts with 365 Project. So you can follow my progress. I will also try to continue doing other posts as well.

Wish me luck.

22 April 2012

Things I Heart

lemongrass green chunky hand knit scarf by bySarahBeth
josh ramsay lead singer of marianas trench (my current favourite band)
evil wizards' tee by evietees (i'm getting me one of these!!!)
LMFAO (yep, I'm not afraid to admit it! did you know that the one in
white glasses is the other ones UNCLE!)
Star Trek uniform inspired iPad cover by MyGeekyBoyfriend (my iPad NEEDS this!)

20 April 2012

Rest In Peace PC

Yesterday was a bad day.
I had to say goodbye to one of my closest, longest known friends. My cat PC :(
He had to be put down, because he had blood in his lungs and was having trouble breathing. The vet said it was just old age, he was 15 years old.
I don't know how I feel. I'm glad he's not in pain anymore, and I'm sad he's not here anymore, but I don't think it has really hit me yet. Even when dad brought his body home so we could all say goodbye and bury him, it was just so surreal. I half hope that I will turn around and he will be asleep on my bed, but I know he won't.
His little brother Cous Cous, is beside himself. He doesn't know what to do. He's alone now. He's become clingy and affectionate (things he never was before) It's going to be hard for him.
I went to work yesterday, and was numb. I don't remember anything that really happened yesterday. It's all a blur. I know it will get better.
I'm thinking of making a photobook up of all the photos I have of PC :) I think that would be a good memorial. Also we planted an Albany Wooly Bush on top of his grave, because he used to love hiding under them to catch birds :)
Rest In Peace PC

16 April 2012

Yogventures Update

They did it. In just over a week the Yogscast have raised over $250,000 and it just keeps going up. I can't imagine how excited the Yogscast are. I'm so excited. Now to patiently wait until the ALPHA is released so I can play :)

11 April 2012

Yogventures - Minecraft But Prettiful

The Yogscast are creating their own video game and need our help to fund it.

It's going to be awesome. The only way I can describe it, is minecraft but prettiful :) as you can see in the pictures below. Today I pledged my $25, and for that I get a full copy of the game plus access to the BETA & ALPHA versions when the game is released in November :) So excited. But the game will only be funded if they reach their goal of $250,000, but considering they have 25 days to go and they have already made $160,000 in the first week, it looks like it may happen.

Just take a look at the BEAUTIFUL concept art.

So if you're interested, pledge some money. You don't have to, but at least check out Kickstarter and read some info about the game, or even explore Kickstarter for some other awesome products that need funding.

I wonder if my pledge is considered Tax Deductible :P