25 April 2012

Anzac Day

It's ANZAC Day today.
I always feel very unpatriotic.
I'm not scared of admitting how much I don't like Australian music, movies, anything etc.
So on days like today when the whole country (and New Zealand) is remembering fallen comrades, I feel like shit.
I don't go to dawn services, I don't go to the parades. I'm just happy to have the day off work.
I'm not a very good Australian.
I always seemed to be more British than anything. Irish, Scottish... even Welsh. Just not Australian.
But I'm very lucky to be an Australian.
My job is sercure. I have health care, went to a good school, have food and fresh water. So I really shouldn't bitch about it.
And if those men fighting for us had failed. I wouldn't exist. My great great grandfather made himself younger to fight for his country (he was fighting for the English at that point) but if he had failed, I wouldn't be here. And everything would be different.
So I do remember those who fought for us, and those who are still fighting for us, and those heading out to fight for us.
Without you. There is no us.
Lest we forget.

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