23 April 2012

Day 1 - Hopes & Dreams & Plans & Me

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself.

First off... the dreaded picture of myself. Looking pretty much how I feel at the moment. BLAH :) One day I will smile :)
messy room and red faced :D
well I want to actually finish it :)
also I think it will be a good way to open up. I'm having issues with the inside me not matching the outside me. I want to express myself in the real world, not just online. And I think and HOPE that this project will help.
More followers and comments wouldn't be a bad thing either.

The dreams I've been having are probably not appropriate for my blog.... *wink wink*
More confidence. More friends. More self-esteem. More Fun... just MORE :P

No plans yet. Just going to jump right in the deep end and swim from my life. I don't like water that much. I have a fear of being in the ocean, or there being big waves... so using jumping in the deep end as an analogy is making me a little nervous. I need a tribble to calm me down.

Tribble makes me content :)

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! You should totally share the list of prompts and I can try to do it along with you? :) motivate each other and the like?