27 April 2012

Day 5 - Look Up!

"Something you would change about the world"

I would bring planets and stars closer.
So when you looked up into the sky, you would see nebulas and the rings on Saturn, without needing to use a telescope.
I've seen the rings on Saturn and the red band around Jupiter through a telescope, and even though the image is small, it's still amazing. The fact that you can see something that far away, relatively easily from you're own backyard. It's amazing!

People don't look up enough. Even during the day, there are clouds and the moon. At night on a clear night you can see things that are hundreds of light years away. Stars that are on the other side of the universe, stars that are so big that they would engulf Earth, and Mars, and Jupiter and Pluto, if placed in the same place as our Sun. Huge red stars, and tiny white stars. Stars that gravitational pull is so great that they steal matter from stars near it. Stars that have planets orbiting about them. Stars that are older than Earth, older than our solar system.

I would like to look up and see more.
I know there are probably "better" things to change.
But this would be something I would like.

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