28 April 2012

Day 6 - Changing Myself.

"Something you would like to change about yourself"

This one is easy. My weight. It's the only think I ever want to change. I'm okay having my crappy teeth, I'm okay being an over emotional wreck. I just wish I wasn't so fat.
And I don't want to be skinny! I'm a size 26 at the moment and would die to be a size 18. I would be quite happy weighing 100kg!
I honestly think that losing weight would solve most of my problems.
I know it will be hard, and I am trying!

I'm happy with every other aspect of my life. Even the emotional outbursts and bouts of depression and anxiety. That I can deal with. I just want to be less fat :)


  1. My goal is to sit at 100kg. I'm currently around 112kg. At my heaviest I was 124kg and I made it down to 106kg, but it seems i'm just sitting at this weight. Mind you, i've not been actively trying. I think it will be interesting to see how I feel after fashion week next week. Losing weight isn't easy and it's emotional. While I've accepted i'm fat, and always will be, I want to start to get a little healthier.

    1. I tried to accept that I'm fat. But I can't. I know I will never be skinny. I think being "less-fat" would make it easier for me. I hate not being able to buy the clothes I want, I hate not being able to do some things with my family, like going kayaking with dad (because I don't fit in the kayak). Even to be at your weight would make me so much happier.
      I'm relatively healthy. I don't have any obesity related illness (which is good) it's most all mental and emotional for me :( The problem is, I'm actively trying to lose weight and nothing is happening. it's a little disheartening sometimes, to try so hard and not see any changes :( But I will do it :)