04 May 2012

Day 10 - "Be Yourself"

"what you think when you hear the words “be yourself”"

I do try to be myself. I really do, but people just don't get me. They roll their eyes and I know they're judging me :) In the past I would of cared, but I'm getting better at not caring what others think.

Loud, Sarcastic, Passive Agressive, Friendly, Crazy, Emotional, Geeky, Scientific, Perfectionist, Lazy, Childish, Mature, Fun.

What I am online, is the real me. Me in real life is a censored, toned down version of real me. It's called "Small Town Syndrome", which sucks because I actually live in a city.

I wish I was able to be more myself. This is my current struggle I'm having with myself at the moment. I'm hoping that this 365 Project will help.

In other news. Supanova is really soon! Next Month, and I got the time off work (despite the scary chance that I wasn't going to!) I really can't wait. The people going at the moment aren't that exciting, well it's still exciting, but not exciting enough to pay for autograph and photos. Supanova tweeted me today and told me tickets were on sale at the end of May, and they will be announcing some more guests. I can't wait!

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