14 May 2012

Day 11 - Bad Advice

"the worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given"

“Be Yourself”

Like I mentioned in my last post. All my life I have struggled with the concept of “Self”

I hate being told to “be yourself” because just because I’m “myself” is not going to make my life easier, or any particular situation easier. I’m going to get judged by others, no matter who I am, I know this because it’s human nature... and I judge people as well.

So I guess the best thing to do, instead of “being yourself” is “adapting to the situation” :) It’s probably not a very good way to live, but it’s what I do. When I’m with my close friends and family, I am myself (for real) when I’m at work, I’m social, polite and cheerful, but I don’t talk much to my work colleagues about my interests (the fact that one of my managers rolls his eyes when ever I talk about Harry Potter, or movies etc) and prefer not to talk too much to customers... I also suck at small talk (but that’s another story)

My mask changes depends on the situation I’m in.

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