27 June 2012

Geek Rant

I'm in a bad mood. So I'm going to have a little rant. You are welcome to ignore it.

On We Heart It, if you search "Geek" a majority of the images displayed are people wearing glasses. Just because you wear glasses doesn't make you a geek.
As a geek who doesn't wear glasses, it annoys me when "non-geeks" think putting on a pair of glasses automatically makes you a geek. Yes I get it, lots of geeks do need glasses, but lots don't. It's not what you wear that makes you a geek! THAT'S A STEREOTYPE!
At Supanova this year there were heaps of different sorts of geeks. Old & young, fat & skinny, Geeks dressed as their favourite Anime character or Superhero, Geeks wearing tees that show one of their geeky interests and people who weren't wearing any geek related clothing, but that doesn't make them any less geeky than the ones in cosplay.
I hate Stereotypes, but it's hard to stop it when people don't understand it. You will find very few geeks who judge others. We (yes I'm classifying myself as a Geek) accept people from all groups and fandoms. If you like Star Wars more than Star Trek, thats fine, If you don't like Doctor Who, but love Anime, that's fine! I don't care. We can still be friends. There are heaps of things that are considered "geeky" that I don't like. I don't like Zombies or Vampires, I'm not a huge fan of Babylon 5 and Farscape, but I love Star Wars and Star Trek. I love Sci-Fi and Mythology, I love Doctor Who and random english tv series' that don't make any sense. If you don't judge me, I won't judge you :)

Okay, I've done ranting!

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