26 June 2012

Geek Things I'm Looking Forward To...

Since Supanova is over for another year (sob!) I need a few more things to look forward to, to get me through this boring life :D

Elmo World Tour - I'm taking my 3 year old cousin to see Elmo and friends :)
He (and me) are going to have so much time!!! I know it's not that geeky... well I guess it is. I'm really the one that wants to go. I don't think my cousin has even seen any Elmo before!

The arrival of my Creeper Plushie from Jinx. I pre-ordered it as soon as the release date was annoucned! I can't wait :) It even has SOUND!!!!

Possible Marianas Trench Australian tour - They have been mentioning an Australian tour on their twitter for awhile. They better come to PERTH!

DREDD!! Karl Urban playing the title character! It's too good to be true and I can't wait! I didn't even know the trailer had been released!!!

My birthday :D Probably aren't going to do anything special.

THE HOBBIT! There is no geek in the world that isn't excited about The Hobbit! Boxing Day I will be there, at the cinema READY! I'm so excited!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

I'm sure there are other movies I'm excited about but just can't remember.
The possibility of Emma coming to Albany to visit :P

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