26 June 2012

Supanova Recap Of Awesome!

It's always awesome! But this one was really awesome! I met some wonderful people, got some autographs from amazing people and got to hang out with Emma.

The best thing that happened all weekend was when (as we were leaving) there was a random guy playing football in the carpark... but that random guy ended up being ALFIE ALLEN! Theon Greyjoy from Game Of Thrones!!! And then this happened....
... me with Alfie Allen! Before I heard him during his seminar, I assumed that he might be a little bit of a tosser :P but he isn't! He's so nice and polite and funny and quite shy. I guess he's still not used to being famous. I LOVE ALFIE!

I also had a conversation with Australian Author Matthew Reilly about Harry Potter and Alexander McQueen. He liked the evietees tee I was wearing. He knew who the characters were (GO MATTHEW) and then I realised he was wearing an awesome Alexander McQueen tee. He then told me he knew nothing about fashion and didn't really knew who Alexander McQueen was until after he bought the shirt!
I also saw Vic Mignogna again. He's my favourite voice actor. He does the voices of many Anime characters, including Ed in Fullmetal Alchemist and Zero in Vampire Knights and Dark in DN Angel. My sister Kaitlin made a Dark plushie for him to sign. He was so excited about it.
Supanova was awesome! I also managed not to spend much money. I bought The Art of The Avenger book and a few smaller items. I spent most of my Supanova money buying Lord Of The Rings Lego at Target :) LORD OF THE RINGS LEGO! I just can't get over the fact I have Karl Urban in Lego form NOW!

Emma and I are planning a Supanova post on The Curiosity Complex, so stay tuned for that! Now back to my real boring life! :P

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