29 July 2012

bedroom tour.

bedroom tour :)

all images can be clicked to see bigger :D

view from my door! the lighting is really bad!
book shelves
my desk, blu-ray collection and random stuff
wardrobes and tv area.
various detail views of my shelves.
click the images to see larger.

cous cous chilling in the sunshine (well what's left of it)
+ more detail on awesome
skull cushion that i stole from dads girlfriend!
currently reading two books. the wounded guardian by duncan lay and
re-reading neon pilgrim by lisa dempster + my ipad
the newest edition to my family / apple obsession
Alfie the macbook air!
note: i paid $80 for that bottle of crystal head vodka just for
the skull shaped bottle (i don't drink alcohol)
magnetic board. featuring photos of me with famous people
weekly planner and random photos
pretty self explanatory :)
desk, sims 3 collection, imac (benny)
benny meets alfie. tiny tiny alfie!
that's pretty much it for today! hope you enjoyed the tour of my room!
if you want to see detailed photos of things in my room let me know.

i used hipstamatic to take the photos.
Jane Lens, Blanko Film, No Flash
you can download hipstamatic for iPhone

Alfie is Here :D

If you follow me on Twitter, you would of heard about my week waiting for my Macbook Air to arrive, you'd also know that I decided to name him "Alfie" :D
Well he's here and he's gorgeous! So sleek and smooth! So pretty!
My current background, as you can see, is Bane from The Dark Knight Rises :D

I'm in the process of cleaning and organising my room so I can do a post about my room! I haven't really done a very in-depth post about it in awhile :D There are heaps of new things to show you!

I'll let you know when I post it! I will be posting it here and on ourbedrooms on LiveJournal.

23 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Lets talk about The Dark Knight Rises.
Everyone who hasn't seen it, please look away now.
Those who have, please excuse me while I gush!


20 July 2012

Title Here :)

I got my tax back today!
And have already successfully spent $2000 of it!

I ordered my Macbook Air this morning.
11 Inch
i7 Processor
128GB Solid State Hard Drive!!!

Then I paid $500 towards my childcare course.

I also purchased a cover for my Macbook.
I looked around forever. A friend on Twitter recommended one, that I was only able to find on eBay for $80! So I did some research and decided on a Speck SeeThru Case, a little less expensive at $59.95, but I was able to purchase it from Apple, so I don't have to worry about getting a "dodgy" cover from China. I couldn't decide on the colour, so I just bought a clear one for now :D

I'm more excited about starting TAFE again :) It will good to be studying again! And I am going to try VERY hard not to procrastinate all year :D

18 July 2012


I haven't done one of these in ages. As you can probably see, I'm trying to post more often. I need to figure out some sort of plan to all this.

Listening… Billy Talent
Reading… The Wounded Warrior by Duncan Lay. I met him at Supanova and he told me about his book. It sounded really cool. It's an epically thick fantasy novel. It's been awhile since I've read one of those :)
Watching… Mythbusters. I got a hold of a hard drive full of TV series, so I pretty much waste all my time watching Mythbusters. Also any Yogscast youtube channel. Especially the Tekkit videos from Sips & Sjin and Simon, Lewis & Duncan.
Buying… Waiting for my tax return and then I will be buying a Macbook Air. I can't wait.
Wanting… My Tax return :)
Trying… not eat fast food every day. It's good having dad's girlfriend living with us, because her son cooks every night so I get yummy food.
Loving… Billy Talent, new album out soon!
Planning… Nothing. Just life in general.
Writing… Not much. Trying to get inspired to do some posts on The Curiosity Complex :)
Inspired by… nothing much at the moment. Which is sad. I've been feeling a little down lately. Trying to not let it become depression. I just don't have much of a supportive network of friends around me here. I don't think I would have them anywhere else. I'm not a very social person.

17 July 2012

We Heart It Picspam

Billy Talent is my current favourite band. They have a new single out, and their new album is out on September 7th.

Dad's girlfriend didn't know who Dorian Grey was so I got angry at her. I told her he was an Oscar Wilde book character and her reply was "wasn't he that "fag" from the 1800s!" I stopped the conversation there and walked away.

Billy Talent again :) A behind the scenes image from the music video Surrender (Favourite Billy Talent song). The music video starts out like any other normal music video, then at the end a rain of machine gun fire shoots everyone. It's sad!

Jealous of this man!

This man is so gorgeous. The look in the photo! OMG! MELTS!

One day I will go to Dubrovnik :D

14 July 2012

My auntie has a blog

My auntie has a blog. She's very excited about it, so I told her I would let everyone know about it.

It's a decorating blog. She loves country styles and shabby chic. It doesn't have very many posts at the moment, but it will get there. She may be a better blogger than me :P (but I think everyone is better than me :D)

I've been trying to clean my room for DAYS! The bookshelves above my desk are almost empty, as I move the books across to my other bookshelf. But I don't know what I will put on the shelves. I might just end up putting the books back.

I'm trying to organise my DVD collection, which at the moment is stored in my wardrobe/in containers under my bed/on a shelf in my room that blocks the door to the aforementioned wardrobe! I have put 2 100 DVD storage boxes on hold at work, I'm going to put all the older, rarely watched DVDs in them. But unfortunately for me I own WAY more than 200 DVDs.

My tax has been lodged, so now I wait... impatiently for my bank account to magically have $3000 in it! As soon as that happens I'm onto the Apple Store to order my MacBook Air. (Who is yet unnamed!!! HE NEEDS A NAME!) And the rest will be put on my credit card... and then the credit card will be given to my mother (so I can't use it)!!

NEW BILLY TALENT SINGLE IS OUT AND IT'S AMAZING!!! The video is on their website, so check it out HERE, if you're interested! I wish Billy Talent was coming to Perth during their "Australian" tour... but of course they aren't :(
Billy Talent... and creepy doll person thing!
I really want to do a post about my bedroom, but it's such a mess!!! When I finally stop procrastinating and tidy it... I will do a post :)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day, cleaning and listening to Billy Talent :)

Let me know some awesome name ideas from my new MacBook Air :)

11 July 2012

It's Tax Time

It's Tax Time.
That means I have money! Well not yet, when I get around to figuring out my tax.
I have grown up tax items this year. Back in the day when it was just income and a few deductions, doing my tax was easy. Now I have Shares to declare (dividends and franking credits), private health insurance, a HELP debt (from the interior design course that I didn't do) and other annoying grown up things!

I'm getting a substantial about back. And since my iPad is starting to get old and dated, I've decided to upgrade to a MacBook Air.
I've priced it and decided which one I want! 11 inch i7, 8GB RAM and 128GB Solid State Hard drive. I went into the local retailer and fell in love. They're so light and slick and pretty (like most Apple products) I was going to sell my iPad, but have decided (for now) to keep it.

I've also signed up to do my Certificate 3 & 4 in Childcare. It's going to be pretty full on for the first term, with work and study, but term two of TAFE is just work experience, but because I need to work with school aged kids, I have to work in the afternoons, but I have work in the afternoons, I will probably have to work over the school holidays :) I'm very excited about studying again.

That's pretty much whats been happening. I haven't been online much, and haven't been doing much (other than work and avoiding talking to my "new family members")

I will try and stay up to date.