29 July 2012

bedroom tour.

bedroom tour :)

all images can be clicked to see bigger :D

view from my door! the lighting is really bad!
book shelves
my desk, blu-ray collection and random stuff
wardrobes and tv area.
various detail views of my shelves.
click the images to see larger.

cous cous chilling in the sunshine (well what's left of it)
+ more detail on awesome
skull cushion that i stole from dads girlfriend!
currently reading two books. the wounded guardian by duncan lay and
re-reading neon pilgrim by lisa dempster + my ipad
the newest edition to my family / apple obsession
Alfie the macbook air!
note: i paid $80 for that bottle of crystal head vodka just for
the skull shaped bottle (i don't drink alcohol)
magnetic board. featuring photos of me with famous people
weekly planner and random photos
pretty self explanatory :)
desk, sims 3 collection, imac (benny)
benny meets alfie. tiny tiny alfie!
that's pretty much it for today! hope you enjoyed the tour of my room!
if you want to see detailed photos of things in my room let me know.

i used hipstamatic to take the photos.
Jane Lens, Blanko Film, No Flash
you can download hipstamatic for iPhone


  1. Hello! I've gone through I don't know how many pages of your blog and I just want to tell you that you're the greatest! I love your insight about things and I love that you're a really down-to-earth girl :) I also feel that I have to tone myself down in my hometown, but hey, that makes it very special when someone cares about us enought to get to know us, right? Please keep writing! :)

  2. OMG, your room is fully loaded. Cool stuff there. I think we're opposites.

    And your blueray collection is awesome. I think mine is just like 1/8 of that since I either rent or watch at Netflix.