18 July 2012


I haven't done one of these in ages. As you can probably see, I'm trying to post more often. I need to figure out some sort of plan to all this.

Listening… Billy Talent
Reading… The Wounded Warrior by Duncan Lay. I met him at Supanova and he told me about his book. It sounded really cool. It's an epically thick fantasy novel. It's been awhile since I've read one of those :)
Watching… Mythbusters. I got a hold of a hard drive full of TV series, so I pretty much waste all my time watching Mythbusters. Also any Yogscast youtube channel. Especially the Tekkit videos from Sips & Sjin and Simon, Lewis & Duncan.
Buying… Waiting for my tax return and then I will be buying a Macbook Air. I can't wait.
Wanting… My Tax return :)
Trying… not eat fast food every day. It's good having dad's girlfriend living with us, because her son cooks every night so I get yummy food.
Loving… Billy Talent, new album out soon!
Planning… Nothing. Just life in general.
Writing… Not much. Trying to get inspired to do some posts on The Curiosity Complex :)
Inspired by… nothing much at the moment. Which is sad. I've been feeling a little down lately. Trying to not let it become depression. I just don't have much of a supportive network of friends around me here. I don't think I would have them anywhere else. I'm not a very social person.

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