11 July 2012

It's Tax Time

It's Tax Time.
That means I have money! Well not yet, when I get around to figuring out my tax.
I have grown up tax items this year. Back in the day when it was just income and a few deductions, doing my tax was easy. Now I have Shares to declare (dividends and franking credits), private health insurance, a HELP debt (from the interior design course that I didn't do) and other annoying grown up things!

I'm getting a substantial about back. And since my iPad is starting to get old and dated, I've decided to upgrade to a MacBook Air.
I've priced it and decided which one I want! 11 inch i7, 8GB RAM and 128GB Solid State Hard drive. I went into the local retailer and fell in love. They're so light and slick and pretty (like most Apple products) I was going to sell my iPad, but have decided (for now) to keep it.

I've also signed up to do my Certificate 3 & 4 in Childcare. It's going to be pretty full on for the first term, with work and study, but term two of TAFE is just work experience, but because I need to work with school aged kids, I have to work in the afternoons, but I have work in the afternoons, I will probably have to work over the school holidays :) I'm very excited about studying again.

That's pretty much whats been happening. I haven't been online much, and haven't been doing much (other than work and avoiding talking to my "new family members")

I will try and stay up to date.

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