14 July 2012

My auntie has a blog

My auntie has a blog. She's very excited about it, so I told her I would let everyone know about it.

It's a decorating blog. She loves country styles and shabby chic. It doesn't have very many posts at the moment, but it will get there. She may be a better blogger than me :P (but I think everyone is better than me :D)

I've been trying to clean my room for DAYS! The bookshelves above my desk are almost empty, as I move the books across to my other bookshelf. But I don't know what I will put on the shelves. I might just end up putting the books back.

I'm trying to organise my DVD collection, which at the moment is stored in my wardrobe/in containers under my bed/on a shelf in my room that blocks the door to the aforementioned wardrobe! I have put 2 100 DVD storage boxes on hold at work, I'm going to put all the older, rarely watched DVDs in them. But unfortunately for me I own WAY more than 200 DVDs.

My tax has been lodged, so now I wait... impatiently for my bank account to magically have $3000 in it! As soon as that happens I'm onto the Apple Store to order my MacBook Air. (Who is yet unnamed!!! HE NEEDS A NAME!) And the rest will be put on my credit card... and then the credit card will be given to my mother (so I can't use it)!!

NEW BILLY TALENT SINGLE IS OUT AND IT'S AMAZING!!! The video is on their website, so check it out HERE, if you're interested! I wish Billy Talent was coming to Perth during their "Australian" tour... but of course they aren't :(
Billy Talent... and creepy doll person thing!
I really want to do a post about my bedroom, but it's such a mess!!! When I finally stop procrastinating and tidy it... I will do a post :)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day, cleaning and listening to Billy Talent :)

Let me know some awesome name ideas from my new MacBook Air :)

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