23 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Lets talk about The Dark Knight Rises.
Everyone who hasn't seen it, please look away now.
Those who have, please excuse me while I gush!


Oh My Fucking God! This movie was fucking amazing!
Right from the beginning, when my screen was full of Aiden Gillen (who you knew straight away was going to die)
The scene! The airplane being tied to another airplane!
The wings and tail being ripped off by sheer wind force!
That voice was so unexpected! I was expecting a gravelly, raspy voice. He voice was almost soothing (if only it didn't belong to a mad man!)
They get Bane out and cut the plane! And it falls to the ground and you know that Aiden is dead, but for some reason it's okay! Because it was just so. fucking. awesome!

Okay, I don't know how many people figured out who Joseph Gordon-Levitts character would end up being! I figured it out as soon as he talked to Bruce Wayne and knew he was Batman! It hit me! I turned to my cousin! "OMFG He's ROBIN!" and he was! That was about 20 minutes into the movie! I saw that coming from a mile away!

Aussie Ben Mendelson, and Torchwoods Burn Gorman play 2 baddies who help finance Bane and get him into Gotham City!

BANE WAS AMAZING! His character was complex and I could sense something. He wanted to help the poor and downtrodden, but that involved getting rid of anyone with money and power.

I saw Bane being Ra's Al Ghuls son a mile away too (Liam Neeson cameo) but that theory was cut short, when you find out that Miranda Tate is actually Ra's Al Ghuls daughter, and Bane was her protector! I sensed she was bad, but didn't realise that she was the big huge bad guy leader!!!!

My cousin and I pretty much died of awesomeness when Dr. Jonathon Crane aka Scarecrow showed up! (because he still isn't dead!)

And Catwomen! SHE WAS AMAZING!! Anne Hathaway played her so well!

It was amazing! You have to see it NOW!

I really can't think of anything else to say! I realise that I didn't once mention Batman! But there was so much more to the movie than Batman. You only see him as Batman twice throughout the whole film and considering it goes for 2 hours 45 minutes... "Batman" doesn't have much screen time at all.

It has to been seen!

No, you don't get to see what's behind Bane's mask... but Yes you do get to see Bane before he was injured! (YAY TOM HARDY)

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