20 July 2012

Title Here :)

I got my tax back today!
And have already successfully spent $2000 of it!

I ordered my Macbook Air this morning.
11 Inch
i7 Processor
128GB Solid State Hard Drive!!!

Then I paid $500 towards my childcare course.

I also purchased a cover for my Macbook.
I looked around forever. A friend on Twitter recommended one, that I was only able to find on eBay for $80! So I did some research and decided on a Speck SeeThru Case, a little less expensive at $59.95, but I was able to purchase it from Apple, so I don't have to worry about getting a "dodgy" cover from China. I couldn't decide on the colour, so I just bought a clear one for now :D

I'm more excited about starting TAFE again :) It will good to be studying again! And I am going to try VERY hard not to procrastinate all year :D

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