17 July 2012

We Heart It Picspam

Billy Talent is my current favourite band. They have a new single out, and their new album is out on September 7th.

Dad's girlfriend didn't know who Dorian Grey was so I got angry at her. I told her he was an Oscar Wilde book character and her reply was "wasn't he that "fag" from the 1800s!" I stopped the conversation there and walked away.

Billy Talent again :) A behind the scenes image from the music video Surrender (Favourite Billy Talent song). The music video starts out like any other normal music video, then at the end a rain of machine gun fire shoots everyone. It's sad!

Jealous of this man!

This man is so gorgeous. The look in the photo! OMG! MELTS!

One day I will go to Dubrovnik :D

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