16 September 2012

Epic Garden Project

It's springtime, that means it's time to do some gardening. We have a huge open area behind my dad's shed that at the moment is just grass and gravel. My plan is to turn it into an epic garden, with vegetables, fruit trees and hopefully chooks :D

future location of epic garden

stage one: pallet vegetable garden beds planted with yummy.
Baby corn, Capsicum, Basil, Tomato & Spring Onion

my seed babies are growing! Basil & Chives

multicoloured Basil

Geraldton Wax. One of my favourite Australian Natives.
The flowers don't have a scent, until they are crushed or cut, and then they smell like bubblegum!

Albany Woolly Bush.
This one is named PC because we planted it over
where we buried our beloved cat PC :(

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