13 September 2012

I Like Jeremy Irons Voice.

Another late night spent procrastinating instead of doing homework.

My little sister started blogging again. She writes heaps! I don't know how she does it! :D You should read it. She talks about me heaps :D

I bought an eBook reader today.
Sony eReader PRS-T2, it's so pretty.
I'm hoping it will get me reading again.
The books I've been trying to read are really big (ie GAME OF THRONES!) and I have this habit of falling asleep and dropping the book on my nose!
So eReader = light = no broken noses.

New iPhone been announced!
iPhone 5
And guess whose getting one?

I have started 2 new hobbies.
I have 2 mint plants, and currently growing chives and basil from seeds. I'm planning on getting some above grown planters and growing some vegetables, and hopefully getting some chickens!

My other hobby is a little more nerdy.
I bought a Birdwatching Field Guide for Australia, and a pocket sized Moleskine notebook to record my sightings.
I was inspired to start Birdwatching after watching The Big Year, with Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin in it. It was a great movie :D

Movies have been inspiring me a lot recently.
Maybe because of my "fragile" emotional state.
I watched The Way.
I have decided to, one day, to do The Way Of St James.
It's over 700km through the north of Spain.
But I will do it! One day, before I'm 35!


  1. Haha, I also bought a birdwatching book and rustled up one of my notebooks for recording my sightings after watching The Big Year :) I mostly just record what I spot in my garden!

    1. I only plan on just looking around my back yard and town. Not going to venture too far from home to find birds. :D thanks for your comment!