26 September 2012

Mini Update

I seriously missed my iPhone 5 delivery man by minutes!
I left for work at 11.28am and the delivery slip says 11.35am.
It means that my (yet unnamed) iPhone 5 is sitting at the post office!
Going to go and get it before TAFE tomorrow morning.
Then at lunch I will come home and activate it.
Then go to work and not show anyone because it won't have a cover.
Unless I can buy a cover for it somewhere tomorrow.
Then come home and play!!!

Had the big prac meeting tonight.
For all those not regular readers, I'm going prac for TAFE at PCYC doing Vacation Care.
I was freaking out about my resource sheets and risk assessments not being good enough.
But according to my supervisor they're fine!!

So iPhone 5 tomorrow!
So freaking excited!

I ordered a cover off eBay, just a clear one :D
Next week I start prac, so I probably won't post much.
My roster is CRAZY!

I really need to sort out my post labels! There are sooooo many!

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