23 September 2012

Tattoo Talk

I WANT a "Don't Panic" tattoo, but I'm so indecisive of what I want it to look like and where I want it to go. I would love to have it on my forearm, but I have possible plans for other tattoos I want on my forearms... and well I only have 2 forearms :(
I don't want a full sleeve. I want a couple of tattoos that look good together. I also would like to see them without difficulty. I'm not interested in back tattoos... The only place I want tattoos at the moment is on my arms. But arm tattoos are one of the hardest ones to hide.

this is my favourite. Large and fancy! But would be hard to hide.
Not that I want to hide it, but work would probably not like it!
I love the font and the "42" in the background!
I love this idea. It would be easier to hide (at work)
I love the font too

Other tattoo ideas I have at the moment are the constellation "Scorpius" on my right forearm and the "Dark Mark" on my left forearm. But I'm a little wary about getting fandom tattoos. So I might sideline the "Dark Mark" and put "Don't Panic" on my left forearm.
I try drawing the design on myself, but it's not centred probably. I guess that's what Tattoo Artists are for. Another issue I'm having is weight loss. I really want a tattoo, but I'm paranoid that if I lost weight it would look weird and gross. So do I wait, or do I just get one and get over it?!

So many decisions!

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  1. I definitely think the third one would suit you! You should get it :)