25 October 2012

Benny Salsa Merchandising

My iMac is at the computer hospital :( Apple recalled certain iMac hard drives, but at least I get a replacement for free. I've been having trouble with my hard drive for ages so YAY for new Hard Drive! Hopefully Benny will be back soon!! Look at the sad empty space where Benny once sat! :(

I tried my hand... or hips.... at Salsa on Wednesday night with my new awesome friend Katherine, and I failed so much! OH SO MUCH FAIL! I can't "wiggle my hips" and I'm so unco, that I ended up with MOTION SICKNESS! Motion Sickness from Dancing... and even thinking about it now makes me feel sick! I feel so bad, because Katherine really wants me to keep going, but it's really not my thing :D

In other news, I got another job. Just a casual flexible job doing some Merchandising :D I had my first "Journey" today and it went really well and I'm very please with the results :D

Anyway, just a little update post. I know I've been pretty slack with updates recently. Sorry :D

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