04 October 2012

Prac Update.

Tomorrow I get to make Solar System posters with 30 children.
I'm excited to teach them.
I'm going to fill their tiny brains with awesome geekery.
This Ben Newman poster is amazing! I wish I had a copy of it so I could stick it up on my wall!
PLUS... I get to include Pluto!
I asked the head educator and she said I could include Pluto :)

I've been wearing my Marvel Avengers tees to work. The kids love them! I want to wear my Minecraft tee, but I don't want it to get dirty.
There are some boys in the group that like Minecraft, but from talking to them, they have watched Youtube videos and played the free version on the Minecraft website.

I have a boy in my group that could be Finn the Human from Adventure Time except in real life!

I love kids.
They're so much fun. Even the naughty ones.
I really don't want prac to be over. I don't want to go back to customer service :(

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