16 October 2012

To Live a Soap Opera Fairy Tale!

This is a list of actors I think would be awesome in a story, not necessary of my life but of a life! It's hard to explain but more or less this is who I would love to be in a story of a life, staring me.

Mother & Father
Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson
The Awesome Uncle (Father's Brother)
Bill Nighy
Lily Collins
Grandmother (Mothers Mother)
Helen Mirren
Best Friend / House Mate #1
Beth Ditto
Karl Urban
The Annoying Little Brother
Charlie McDonnell
The Crazy Male Best Friend / House Mate #2
Professor Brian Cox
Guardian Angel
Domhnall Gleeson
Person Trying to Kill You
Matthew Goode
Kitten (that can talk)
Liam Fucking Neeson!


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Molly your Kitten sounds like Aslan!!! :D And this had better mean Bill Nighy is my awesome uncle too!!!

  2. YOU STOLE MY PRETEND FAMILY! haha super awesome!!