30 November 2012

Goodbye Spring!

It's the last day of Spring.
I love Spring, it's my favourite season!
The only thing I don't like about it, is it leads into Summer... which by my clock starts in 13 minutes.
I hate being hot!

I can't believe it's December!
Christmas is so close, then 2013.

Another year wasted.
Well it was kind of wasted, but I also did some good things.
Stay tuned for the end of year post at the end of December.

Anyway, quick post to get in before the end of the day!

Bless Your Face! LOL

29 November 2012

Gift Ideas - Fangirl

My little sister Alex suggest I do a gift guide for a "fan-girl" which really works out to be a gift guide for people buying HER presents... So here it is...

GIFTS FOR THE FANGIRL (or my sister Alex)
Gift Ideas - Geek Princess

Eye of Sauron Jumper (wish this was real... but sadly, it isn't)
Labyrinth Tee (sold out)
Reeses Pieces
Lord Of The Rings Lego

The best place to find even more geeky products are:
Etsy (Just search your desired fandom)
Jinx (Lots of video game related merchandise, as well as TV/Film)

Things I Love Thursday

Is it Thursday already? That didn't take long. You may, or may not, of noticed how much I've posted in the last week. I had a real inspiration kick and I'm hoping it will stick around for awhile.

Things I Love Thursday

Sorted Food - Searching for videos on how to make Macaroons and I came across Sorted. They're a group of guys who do videos of quick and easy recipes, (including one for Macaroons) not only is it informative, but the guys are funny, and not too bad on the eyes (I'm looking at you, Barry!)
I've been laughing my arse off and feeling really hungry watching these videos! They have a cook book, which I NEED! Beginners Get Sorted, which is a book full of over 140 simple and awesome recipes. I NEED IT!

Polyvore App - Polyvore has an iPhone/iPad/iPod app now! That lets you create sets. ABOUT TIME! I'm so excited... now I can make sets all the time!!!

iPad Mini - I might be getting an iPad Mini... for free :O I might be getting one for work to use to do my Merchandising! Which is really weird because I was only just thinking about getting one myself :D

Another short list today. I like to keep it simple :D

27 November 2012

Gift Ideas - Baking Princess


Christmas Gift Ideas - Baking Princess

Gift Ideas - Zombie Princess!

It's almost Christmas time, and people seem to think that I'm good at finding awesome presents for people. I don't know how I do it... so with a little help from Polyvore, I'm going to put together a collection of gift ideas, starting with....


Christmas Gift Ideas - Zombie Princess

25 November 2012

Fantastic Finds

I've decided that once a week I'm going to do a post with some fantastic awesome things I have found on the internet :D People are always commenting on how good I am at finding awesome things on the internet... So here are some of the awesome (and pretty) things I've found this week.




24 November 2012

Birthday Swag #1

Everything, except the Sanity gift card, I bought using the money that my dad gave me. I haven't received anything from mum and my sister Kaitlin yet (Kaitlin is making me something, that is so awesome I'm probably going to die of awesomeness when I get it) and I ate the present that Alex gave me :D

You really can't go wrong with science, macaroons and Pixar movies!

I Want a Vs. Journal by Knock Knock

You all know that I'm a little bit of a stationery addict.... OKAY, fine A LOT of a stationery addict.... If I could marry stationery, I would!

My biggest love is NOTEBOOKS!
Notebooks, Journals, Planners, Diaries... whatever you want to call them! I have HUNDREDS! and I always need more.


I've been following Notebook Stories for ages... I was even featured as one of their Notebook addicts way back when, and today they posted about this....

... The Vs. Journal by Knock Knock. It's a hard covered, 256 page journal of prompts. "230 illustrated face-offs of psychological import, insightful interpretations, and plenty of writing room for contemplation to provide self-awareness that you could never achieve on your own." In other words...
write about which of the 2 you prefer... see below!
I love journal prompts and super love whole journals dedicated to prompts... and Vs. are some of the best. Plus the journal looks amazing, there are some awesome action shots on Notebook Stories.

I'm adding this to my Christmas Wishlist.... and if I don't get one... I may just have to buy one myself :D

22 November 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Harry Potter Re-imagined as Disney Characters - I love Disney, I love Harry Potter.... this is just AMAZING! Voldemort looks scarier as a Disney villain!

I know I did a diary post yesterday, and I had pretty much decided what I wanted... until I discovered THIS... 2013 Signature Chromatic Diary! It's so beautiful!!! But again, it's a weekly vertical format, which I don't think will be enough space for me!!!

Dumb Ways To Die - BEST. COMMERICAL. EVER.! Also Tumblr page of gifs.

I was mentioned in a Youtube video by a Yogscast member. Zoey, who is probably my favouritest Yogscast member ever, asked for an adjustive and noun for her Scribblenauts video and I tweeted her "Purple Spotted Aardvark" and well that was her very first "Silly Object of the Week" (Jump to 18:35 in the video to hear her say my name!)

Only short today. I'm going to try and keep this up :D

21 November 2012


It's Diary season!

I can't wait! There is nothing as good as opening a brand new diary and making the first mark... rather selfishly of myself, the very first thing I write in is "My Birthday!" :D

One of the best things about new diaries, is deciding what to buy!

Believe it or not, I think I'm over Moleskine. I've been using Moleksine Diaries for many years, but I want something more unique, more awesome :D

I have found a couple that I really like and I'm going to share them with you.


This, is by far, my favourite! But with a price tag of $79.95... I don't know if I can justify it! It is refillable, but I'm not known for sticking to one thing. Plus the refill that comes with it is a Vertical weekly, and there isn't enough space for my huge handwriting and random scribbles! BUT JUST LOOK AT IT!!! 

The next choice is a little bit more conservative, but has the same issue of having the Vertical Weekly layout.


It's a little cheaper... $59.95, but doesn't have the awesome pockets for keeping awesome things in :D But it is a pretty colour, and it looks like it feels really nice :D 

Or I can just stick to what I know and geek out by just getting this:


You really can't go wrong with Yoda! :D I'm using the weekly notebook format now. Some weeks I find there isn't enough space, other weeks I have nothing to write. YODA!

So what do you think? I need a little bit of help with this one!!!

EDIT: I just found this one!!


It's smaller (only A6) but it's a Weekly Notebook layout, plus it's only $29.95 and it's a pretty colour! Don't ask me whats written on the front. It's a Japanese made diary with German written all over it! I think this one might be the best bet. NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LOVE THE FIRST ONE!

I can get a Weekly Notebook refill for the first one for $29.95, but that would take the full price of the Diary to over $100 and that is WAY too much!

Birthday Post :D

It was my 26th Birthday yesterday. It was pretty uneventful, except for the awesome cake I took to work....

Everyone loved it, it was probably the yummiest cake I've ever made.

I also had a blog post written about me for my birthday by my Aunty. I didn't even expect it. I read her blog, it's an interior design/garden blog, and she writes so well :D

To Bee or Not To Bee

It was an amazing birthday gift.
As for gifts, I didn't get many, but I'm not to worried. Everyone has been asking me what I got and I would replied "nothing" and they would make a big deal about it. I don't really need presents. I'm just glad I had a good day. But in saying that I did get some gifts (and there are some coming).

Peg (who I work with) make me a YUMMY Mars Bar cheesecake
Dad gave my $100 (which I've spent a little so far on Lie To Me season 3, and the new Dr. Karl book)
Darian tried to buy me a DVD but found out (numerous times) that I had that one already, so he gave up and gave me a $20 Sanity voucher.

It was a good day and I'm happy. And so begins my 27th year on this Earth!

18 November 2012


I'm in the middle of creating this awesome cake of awesome!

I should be documenting it, but I'm not! I'm just using White Wings Angelic Vanilla Cake and adding food colouring. It's 2 cakes per box. I'm not sure what I'm going to use and filling and icing, but I have a secret ingredient! Popping Candy!!! It's going to be awesome!

This is all because it's my 26th Birthday on Tuesday and I have to take a cake into work, so I'm making the most epic cake ever!

In other news. Leonids Meteor Shower is upon as again. My sister Alex and I went out on Saturday morning (read: 1am) to see if we could get a good look, but it was a complete fail, we didn't see anything :( I got home at 4am, it was a good adventure but it would of been nice to see some meteors.

I finally have my iMac back. I took it into the local Apple retailer to get the hard drive replaced, because Apple had identified that the hard drive was faulty. I took my iMac in on October 26th! 2 weeks in I rang them and they hadn't even ordered the part yet. I was so angry. I let another week and a half pass, and luckily for them they didn't get to 4 weeks or I would of gone in very angry. But the tech did ring me and apologise for how long it took, which I appreciate, but it wouldn't of taken so long if they had ordered the part earlier. Now that my iMac is back I can play Sims 3 again. Sims 3 Seasons is out and it's awesome! I love the snow storms and the rain storms and the lightning! It is awesome.

Now I'm back to making cake! Bye-ee

10 November 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Hello everybody, My name is Alex. I am, and will always been known a Mollys annoying little sister, and today I am hijacking this blog, just as she did my own.
Now, if your read my blog you will know, I never know what to write about! And now has not changed, even on this blog. But alas, I always find something to talk about so I will.
Might I start off with that fact that the original writer of this blog is currently rolling around on the floor right next to me laughing her head off. I know a strange thought but true! 

I was going to post pictures on this post of things I think are lacking from my sisters blog, but I don't think she would appreciate Merlin and such all over her 'space'.

Random Point, yesterday I brought my kitten a lazer spotter to play with and she loves it! Oh my god, she climbs curtains trying to get to this mysterious red light, it is adorable.

Anyway I should go, but not without posting some kind of image!!

06 November 2012

All The Feels!

Watching the new episode of Good Game, just to see the Bond parody Hex, Bajo and Goose have been teasing us with over the past couple of days! Goose is James Bond, he's hilarious! D.A.R.R.E.N is "D", the tech agent ie "Q".  Hex is a bond girl with an awesome Russian accent. Bajo is the villain, a Dr. No styled villain, with a bald head and a cat in his lap. The same Bond villain that Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was based on. I bet they had so much fun filming the segment. It was AMAZING!

I've decided to trade in my 3DS and upgrade to a 3DS XL, but I have one dilemma! WHAT COLOUR DO I GET!? Blue, Red or Silver. I know I don't want the silver one (its kinda gross) but do I get a red one and call it Xephos (cos his uniform is red) or a blue one and call it BlueXephos? GAH! Only yognau(gh)ts will get what I'm going on about. I'm seriously thinking a red one called Xephos! Hopefully EB Games are still doing trade in/upgrade deals :D

My little sister Alex did a post about the season finale of Tekkit with Rythian and Zoey on youtube. All I can say is there are a lot of feels! Lots and lots of very sad, lonely feels! SPOILERS AHEAD! I can't believe Zoey left Rythian! :'( I'm glad they got Teep back, and I love the fact that Sjin seemed almost completely unaware that he had kidnapped Teep, then when he realised the cage was empty it was like "oh... damn!" SPOILERS END! The below gifs explain accurately how I feel about the whole Zoey/Rythian thing!

I need to see the video that the top gif is from! I need to know why Toby is crying, is it weird that I think that it's sexy... that he's crying... hmmmm.... The bottom gif is obviously him acting, but the top one, that's genuine tears! In one of his recent vlogs he got upset (he didn't cry) talking about him and his girlfriend breaking up :( GAH! That gif!

Anyway, that's enough from me today.

04 November 2012


My sister and my cousin have started NaNoWriMo, there is no way I can write 50,000 words in a month. I don't have that sort of drive, or any ideas good enough to make into a novel! So I will spend the next month just bumming around, playing Minecraft and doing whatever!
I'm having issues at the moment, with family members as well as personal things. Mostly my weight :( and complete lack of confidence and jealously over people who are fat and full of confidence! HOW DO THEY DO THAT? I've been trying to be more confident, but I've been finding it really draining... maybe I'm just too lazy to be confident. I have been feeling really down and tired over the past week or two. One of my close friends is moving away, no more movies nights with her :(

I have decided to do a pic spam and hopefully cheer myself up a little :D

tobuscus being cute! 
if jupiter was closer to earth
how i feel about life right now
my little pony personified! i love pinkie pie!
That will do! I'm off to make sets on Polyvore and watch TobyGames on youtube!! I want to be happier. It will come! :D