06 November 2012

All The Feels!

Watching the new episode of Good Game, just to see the Bond parody Hex, Bajo and Goose have been teasing us with over the past couple of days! Goose is James Bond, he's hilarious! D.A.R.R.E.N is "D", the tech agent ie "Q".  Hex is a bond girl with an awesome Russian accent. Bajo is the villain, a Dr. No styled villain, with a bald head and a cat in his lap. The same Bond villain that Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was based on. I bet they had so much fun filming the segment. It was AMAZING!

I've decided to trade in my 3DS and upgrade to a 3DS XL, but I have one dilemma! WHAT COLOUR DO I GET!? Blue, Red or Silver. I know I don't want the silver one (its kinda gross) but do I get a red one and call it Xephos (cos his uniform is red) or a blue one and call it BlueXephos? GAH! Only yognau(gh)ts will get what I'm going on about. I'm seriously thinking a red one called Xephos! Hopefully EB Games are still doing trade in/upgrade deals :D

My little sister Alex did a post about the season finale of Tekkit with Rythian and Zoey on youtube. All I can say is there are a lot of feels! Lots and lots of very sad, lonely feels! SPOILERS AHEAD! I can't believe Zoey left Rythian! :'( I'm glad they got Teep back, and I love the fact that Sjin seemed almost completely unaware that he had kidnapped Teep, then when he realised the cage was empty it was like "oh... damn!" SPOILERS END! The below gifs explain accurately how I feel about the whole Zoey/Rythian thing!

I need to see the video that the top gif is from! I need to know why Toby is crying, is it weird that I think that it's sexy... that he's crying... hmmmm.... The bottom gif is obviously him acting, but the top one, that's genuine tears! In one of his recent vlogs he got upset (he didn't cry) talking about him and his girlfriend breaking up :( GAH! That gif!

Anyway, that's enough from me today.

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  1. I like the idea of a Red DSXL XD but either way it will still be Xephos in one form or another.