24 November 2012

Birthday Swag #1

Everything, except the Sanity gift card, I bought using the money that my dad gave me. I haven't received anything from mum and my sister Kaitlin yet (Kaitlin is making me something, that is so awesome I'm probably going to die of awesomeness when I get it) and I ate the present that Alex gave me :D

You really can't go wrong with science, macaroons and Pixar movies!


  1. For some reason I thought you had been gifted ink cartridges haha money or gift cards are always the best gifts for the geeky types lets us choose what we want haha :P let me know what 50 shades is like as ive been eyeing it off!

    1. Nope Polaroid film :) :) down to my last 10 and we got some at work so I bought some more :) :)