10 November 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Hello everybody, My name is Alex. I am, and will always been known a Mollys annoying little sister, and today I am hijacking this blog, just as she did my own.
Now, if your read my blog you will know, I never know what to write about! And now has not changed, even on this blog. But alas, I always find something to talk about so I will.
Might I start off with that fact that the original writer of this blog is currently rolling around on the floor right next to me laughing her head off. I know a strange thought but true! 

I was going to post pictures on this post of things I think are lacking from my sisters blog, but I don't think she would appreciate Merlin and such all over her 'space'.

Random Point, yesterday I brought my kitten a lazer spotter to play with and she loves it! Oh my god, she climbs curtains trying to get to this mysterious red light, it is adorable.

Anyway I should go, but not without posting some kind of image!!

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