24 November 2012

I Want a Vs. Journal by Knock Knock

You all know that I'm a little bit of a stationery addict.... OKAY, fine A LOT of a stationery addict.... If I could marry stationery, I would!

My biggest love is NOTEBOOKS!
Notebooks, Journals, Planners, Diaries... whatever you want to call them! I have HUNDREDS! and I always need more.


I've been following Notebook Stories for ages... I was even featured as one of their Notebook addicts way back when, and today they posted about this....

... The Vs. Journal by Knock Knock. It's a hard covered, 256 page journal of prompts. "230 illustrated face-offs of psychological import, insightful interpretations, and plenty of writing room for contemplation to provide self-awareness that you could never achieve on your own." In other words...
write about which of the 2 you prefer... see below!
I love journal prompts and super love whole journals dedicated to prompts... and Vs. are some of the best. Plus the journal looks amazing, there are some awesome action shots on Notebook Stories.

I'm adding this to my Christmas Wishlist.... and if I don't get one... I may just have to buy one myself :D

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