18 November 2012


I'm in the middle of creating this awesome cake of awesome!

I should be documenting it, but I'm not! I'm just using White Wings Angelic Vanilla Cake and adding food colouring. It's 2 cakes per box. I'm not sure what I'm going to use and filling and icing, but I have a secret ingredient! Popping Candy!!! It's going to be awesome!

This is all because it's my 26th Birthday on Tuesday and I have to take a cake into work, so I'm making the most epic cake ever!

In other news. Leonids Meteor Shower is upon as again. My sister Alex and I went out on Saturday morning (read: 1am) to see if we could get a good look, but it was a complete fail, we didn't see anything :( I got home at 4am, it was a good adventure but it would of been nice to see some meteors.

I finally have my iMac back. I took it into the local Apple retailer to get the hard drive replaced, because Apple had identified that the hard drive was faulty. I took my iMac in on October 26th! 2 weeks in I rang them and they hadn't even ordered the part yet. I was so angry. I let another week and a half pass, and luckily for them they didn't get to 4 weeks or I would of gone in very angry. But the tech did ring me and apologise for how long it took, which I appreciate, but it wouldn't of taken so long if they had ordered the part earlier. Now that my iMac is back I can play Sims 3 again. Sims 3 Seasons is out and it's awesome! I love the snow storms and the rain storms and the lightning! It is awesome.

Now I'm back to making cake! Bye-ee

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  1. I tried making rainbow cake earlier this year but it turned out looking a lot like my kitchen sponge!! Hope yours work out much better.

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