22 November 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Harry Potter Re-imagined as Disney Characters - I love Disney, I love Harry Potter.... this is just AMAZING! Voldemort looks scarier as a Disney villain!

I know I did a diary post yesterday, and I had pretty much decided what I wanted... until I discovered THIS... 2013 Signature Chromatic Diary! It's so beautiful!!! But again, it's a weekly vertical format, which I don't think will be enough space for me!!!

Dumb Ways To Die - BEST. COMMERICAL. EVER.! Also Tumblr page of gifs.

I was mentioned in a Youtube video by a Yogscast member. Zoey, who is probably my favouritest Yogscast member ever, asked for an adjustive and noun for her Scribblenauts video and I tweeted her "Purple Spotted Aardvark" and well that was her very first "Silly Object of the Week" (Jump to 18:35 in the video to hear her say my name!)

Only short today. I'm going to try and keep this up :D

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