29 November 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Is it Thursday already? That didn't take long. You may, or may not, of noticed how much I've posted in the last week. I had a real inspiration kick and I'm hoping it will stick around for awhile.

Things I Love Thursday

Sorted Food - Searching for videos on how to make Macaroons and I came across Sorted. They're a group of guys who do videos of quick and easy recipes, (including one for Macaroons) not only is it informative, but the guys are funny, and not too bad on the eyes (I'm looking at you, Barry!)
I've been laughing my arse off and feeling really hungry watching these videos! They have a cook book, which I NEED! Beginners Get Sorted, which is a book full of over 140 simple and awesome recipes. I NEED IT!

Polyvore App - Polyvore has an iPhone/iPad/iPod app now! That lets you create sets. ABOUT TIME! I'm so excited... now I can make sets all the time!!!

iPad Mini - I might be getting an iPad Mini... for free :O I might be getting one for work to use to do my Merchandising! Which is really weird because I was only just thinking about getting one myself :D

Another short list today. I like to keep it simple :D

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