27 December 2012

Things I Love Thursday

New Glasses & Goldfish Top!

My glasses arrived today. They look so awesome. At the moment they're still hard to wear, but I'm getting used to it. They're "wear all the time" glasses so there are going to be a few people that have to get used to me having them. :D

I saw The Hobbit yesterday night. It's freaking amazing! I will try and do a proper post in the future :)

Hobbit Lego!

It's a bit weird that Tauriel and Legolas are mini-figures in the larger set. But it does say that it's "Special The Hobbit Trilogy preview set"

I can't wait to put it together. I still have some The Lord of the Rings sets to put together :D

Good Night :D

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope everyone had a great day.
For my readers in Australia the above picture isn't a very accurate image of Christmas, depending it's the middle of Summer! But I couldn't go past an Adventure Time Christmas gif with Nebula background :D

This year was the first time I had to do multiple Christmas events. Lunch with Dad and his girlfriend, and then an afternoon tea/early dinner pool party with my mum's family. It was an excellent day, but I'm so tired now.



I can't freaking wait! I could of quite easily missed Christmas just so I could see The Hobbit a day early :D


23 December 2012

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

All Minecraft fans need to watch Minecraft: The Story of Mojang from 2 Player Productions.
The idea started as a Kickstarter that was able to raise all the money it needed.

It's now available to download from 2 Player Productions for $US8, or you can go all out (like I will do when I get paid) and buy the 2 disc special edition DVD for $US20+$US10 p&h (there are also t-shirts and the soundtrack from C418)

It has interviews from all the creators, youtubers and fans :D Lots of awesome behind the scenes and just general Minecraft awesome!

Any Minecraft mad fan (like me) needs to watch this movie.

Plus... It have Simon & Lewis from The Yogscast in it :D

22 December 2012

Mini Picspam

You can now get packet Macaroons. They're Adrianno Zumbo macraoons and there was Salted Caramel flavour and Mango flavoured. They're $7.99 from Woolsworth.

Making another rainbow cake this weekend for Christmas.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost need to make another movie together... now!

I want a pet chameleon :D

 Space is beautiful. I don't know if this is a legit photo, but if it is, I want to see it :)

 Everyone needs jars of lollies!

 That's Otter Nonsense.


I'm really excited about 2013.

Since we survived the "end of the world" yesterday, I have alot to look forward too. Including the new BBC series feature Professor Brian Cox, Wonders of Life. (video above)

More study, including more Prac at a childcare centre.

PAX in Melbourne and a trip to Sydney with Alex in July. Very excited about this, even if I haven't saved ANY money for it yet!

And I'm sure there will be more awesome :D

20 December 2012

Not Too Geeky!

Went to the optometrist yesterday morning, and the verdict... I have astigmatism. It's both short and long sighted, but luckily it's only very mild at the moment.
I thank my mother :D who has had astigmatism most her life.
But NOW I can wear glasses. I no longer have bad eye-sight envy and will now remove it from my about me page.
Am I the only person that is actually excited about having bad vision!? I'm so excited about being able to legit wear glasses! Yeah, I know, I'm a weirdo!

I ordered my glasses today. I needed Alex to come and help.
My mother said "Not too Geeky" so naturally I chose these...
Rayban for the win! I will have to wait a couple of weeks for them to arrive, and they're expensive... but I get a $100 Coles Myer gift voucher. Luckily I'm allowed to pay them off.

I'm excited. I know it's going to be weird for people to get used to. I'm going to get sick of people asking why I'm suddenly wearing glasses. I'm just going to tell as many people before I actually get them :D

18 December 2012

Boycott Instagram

As of January 16 2013, Instagram will have the rights to sell your photos and personal information the third parties to be used for advertising. And guess what you can do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You don't get the chance to click yes or no on their Terms of Service, all you get is... if you log into Instagram, online or on your phone you're "ticking" yes. And the only way to "tick" no, is to do what I just did and DELETE your instagram account!

Goodbye Instagram.
I have decided to use Flickr until further notice. I've been using Flickr for awhile but have created a new account :D

I'm worried. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it probably won't be long until Facebook try this tactic. When that day comes I will be deleting my Facebook account as well.

This morning, Instagram announced that they are going to re-write their Terms of Service and never meant for the ToS to be interpreted like that.

I don't regret deleting my instagram account. I may go back to using it, but have decided to stick to Hipstamatic and Flickr :D

17 December 2012

Scary Day :(

Let's get straight into it.

I fainted in the carpark at work today :(
I remember getting out of my car and seeing Rhonda (who I work with) I remember putting my bag on the ground, and that's it.
I remember being in the Managers office. Apparently I walked to the office with Rhonda's help, but I don't remember.
Mum came and picked me up and I went to the doctors.
The verdict is:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stress
  • Failing eyesight (in only my left eye)
  • Possible Iron deficiency

The doctor also mentioned Diabetes :(
And her solution: Lose weight.
WTF! What does she think I'm doing? I'm trying to lose weight, and not like she's the first person to tell me I'm fat. She couldn't even recommend anything to make me feel better. She recommended ginger for the dizziness, but I'm allergic to ginger. So it's just panadol for the next week, which is the busiest week of the effing year in retail. This is why I dislike doctors. I go and they tell me what I already know and then charge me $70!

Anyway, that was my day.
I still have a slight headache. I've been drinking water all day, but don't seem to feel any better. I'm not tired, but I keep getting told to go to bed :(

But if my eye sight is going, I'll finally get to wear glasses!!! YAY!

16 December 2012

Sleepy Kitty

I've been very busy over the last week trying to get all my studies finished.
I did it!
Handed it in on Friday, hopefully I will pass.

All my mail has arrived, my 2 Professor Brian Cox books (Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe) my 2013 diary from Typo and (finally) my Creeper plush from Jinx. I will bring you photos and such another time.

I'm at mums chilling with my kitty niece Pippin. She's such a cutie.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas, what is everyone doing? We are having a relaxed Christmas this year, no presents, just a simple lunch etc. We will see how simple it will be when it actually happens.

I like the new year. I like getting a new diary and starting fresh, but the years pretty much end up the same. I say I'm going to do all these things. I hate new years resolutions because I ultimately fail at them. But every year I write them :D

What new years resolutions does everyone have? I might stick to simple ones. I noticed that my 2012 Bucket List wasn't completed, so I guess I'll add the undone ones to my 2013 Bucket List.

Anyhoo. That's it for today :D

10 December 2012


I'm in the process of finishing off all my childcare study for the year. It's the last PUSH! Considering there was a period (which lasted since I finished my Prac in September to about... NOW) where I was positive I wasn't going to finish. But with help from a wonderful lecturer (who pretty much forced me to sit down with her) I've spent the last couple of days trying to get everything finished.
I HAVE ONE THING LEFT TO GO, but it's the biggest! It's my prac workbook and it covers 6 different units, and most of it relates back to my prac (which I can't really remember!)


I'm also excited because next year I'm going back to finish off the Cert 3 and 4 units, I also get to do more prac, but this time in a proper childcare centre. One day a week for 20 weeks. 10 weeks with babies and 10 weeks with "big kids" ie 3-5year olds. I'm excited.

Anyway, onwards. Check out this video from Benjamin Cook.


It features pretty much every excellent youtuber in the UK, as well as a voice cameo from none other than NEIL freaking GAIMAN! I need to be Benjamin Cook.
And to make him even more awesome. He's the co-author of Doctor Who: The Writers Tale... and do you know who he co-wrote it with??? Russell T Davies! The book is pretty much just a collection of emails and text messages between Ben and RTD. The book is amazing, full of all sorts of information about Doctor Who, other RTD created series like Torchwood and Queer as Folk (UK Version). It's a pretty amazing book. I have The Final Chapter version which is a "nose crushing" 704 pages. I say "nose crushing" because, if like me, you read in bed and fall asleep and drop the book on your nose... it's a crusher!

Benjamin Cook is also amazing. I wish I could have his hair... (this picture is for all you lazy people who don't watch the video!)
Not very many 30 year old men can pull off that look... but Ben can :D

Hoping to pick up my iPad Mini tomorrow. Depending on how much I get paid. I did work extra last week. I have a list of things to pay for this week and it equals about $400... so anything more than that and I can eat during the week :D

We will see. I will do an unboxing. Even though you have all seen them before and they're a little boring in photo form :D

Bless your face.

09 December 2012

2013 Diary Decision!

I have decided on a diary for 2013.
I've decided to walk away from Moleskine and try something different.

I did a post about diaries in November.
But I have decided against all of them, for one reason, Price.
I'm saving up for PAX in July, so I'm trying not to spend excessively.

I found the 2013 A5 Buffalo Diary from Typo. $14.95!
It's day to a page and has a really nice layout. I have ordered it online and I'm hoping that is shows up before 2013. My friend Emma has the exactly the same one (which I didn't know when I ordered it) and she says the paper is really nice, with minimal bleed, but I will do some tests when I get it.
I always get really excited about new diaries. My 2012 dairy is getting a little overloaded and beaten up. I'm thinking that I may take some photos and post some pics here and on Organizers on LiveJournal

As soon as it's arrived, I will do a post about it.
I've been stocking up on awesome stickers and fun things to decorate my diary.

Stay tuned. =)

08 December 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

1 large egg
buttermilk (120ml)
1 tbsp of white wine vinegar
1 tsp of vanilla essence
2 tbsp of red food colouring (30ml)
sunflower oil (180ml)
self raising flour (200g)
caster sugar (225g)
1 heaped tsp of cocoa powder
pinch of salt


Combine wet ingredients
Egg, Buttermilk, Vanilla and Vinegar (the Vinegar keeps the Red, super bright)

 Add the dry ingredients, and mix together

Add the red food colouring (you need quite a bit)
I found out that you can also use other colours and make "Green Velvet Cake" and Blue, or even Black.

Transfer the mix into cake tin.
Yes I realise its a little messy!

Cook for 25 minutes

Red Velvet CAKE!

Iced with Cream Cheese frosting.
which is really simple.
Cream cheese and icing sugar, mixed together until smooth and creamy.


06 December 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's finally here. The first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. It's very Benedict Cumberbatch-centric.

No words can describe how I feel right now! Still no word on who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, but my mum (and myself) think he is definitely Khan! Which would be freaking awesome.... but (SPOILERS) may mean that Spock may or may not die in this film! (END OF SPOILERS)

Lego Lord of the Rings for 3DS - It's so good. I was worried that it wouldn't be good, but it is. There are funny little cut screens, and it's used the voices and music from the films.
I bought it yesterday and have already made it to the second film. There are a few things that have annoyed me (but then I realised it was a children's game) ie Boromir was killed with a "Banana" and not a shitload of arrows! Hearing Boromirs voice makes me sad :( I miss Boromir.

05 December 2012

Things I Bought Today

Lego The Lord of the Ring for 3DS with bonus Elrond Mini Figure!
Pop! Heroes Bane


*girly squee*

Benedict Cumberbatch


being evil.



That is all!

02 December 2012

Cumberbatch as Assange

Benedict Cumberbatch / Julian Assange
So, this may be happening. Benedict Cumberbatch has been listed as playing Julian Assange in upcoming film about Julian's life.
First off, I don't really know how I feel about this. Benedict with white hair and an Australian accent. He does look similar to Julian but I just don't see him playing him.
But Benny is an excellent actor so, I'm sure he would be able to do it.
Plus hearing Benedict with an Australian accent would definitely be worth it!
This movie could earn Benedict an Academy Award nomination if it's made right.

01 December 2012

The Curiosity Complex Geeky Goodies Cook Off

The Curiosity Complex is back, and hopefully here to stay.

Today fellow curious peep Emma and I competed (well we didn't compete, we were just having fun and baking "Geeky Goodies") in the first ever The Curiosity Complex Geeky Goodies Cook Off (wow, that's a mouthful) by making Macaroons.

May I also add it was the first time either of us had ever made Macaroons.

I succeeded, Emma (according to herself) didn't. But as long as it tastes nice at the end and you had fun! That's all that matters.

See our efforts here. (Mine) (Emma)