09 December 2012

2013 Diary Decision!

I have decided on a diary for 2013.
I've decided to walk away from Moleskine and try something different.

I did a post about diaries in November.
But I have decided against all of them, for one reason, Price.
I'm saving up for PAX in July, so I'm trying not to spend excessively.

I found the 2013 A5 Buffalo Diary from Typo. $14.95!
It's day to a page and has a really nice layout. I have ordered it online and I'm hoping that is shows up before 2013. My friend Emma has the exactly the same one (which I didn't know when I ordered it) and she says the paper is really nice, with minimal bleed, but I will do some tests when I get it.
I always get really excited about new diaries. My 2012 dairy is getting a little overloaded and beaten up. I'm thinking that I may take some photos and post some pics here and on Organizers on LiveJournal

As soon as it's arrived, I will do a post about it.
I've been stocking up on awesome stickers and fun things to decorate my diary.

Stay tuned. =)


  1. Hey, where did you order that one?
    I am trying to find them online... the only site that apparently has got some typo stuff is cotton on...
    I live in germany, but i just love those buffalo diaries

    Thank you...

  2. I got it a Typo.
    I don't use it anymore because the binding was really bad and it fell apart :( So I just bought a boring student diary :( next year I will probably go back to a Moleskine.
    Thanks for the comment :D