18 December 2012

Boycott Instagram

As of January 16 2013, Instagram will have the rights to sell your photos and personal information the third parties to be used for advertising. And guess what you can do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You don't get the chance to click yes or no on their Terms of Service, all you get is... if you log into Instagram, online or on your phone you're "ticking" yes. And the only way to "tick" no, is to do what I just did and DELETE your instagram account!

Goodbye Instagram.
I have decided to use Flickr until further notice. I've been using Flickr for awhile but have created a new account :D

I'm worried. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it probably won't be long until Facebook try this tactic. When that day comes I will be deleting my Facebook account as well.

This morning, Instagram announced that they are going to re-write their Terms of Service and never meant for the ToS to be interpreted like that.

I don't regret deleting my instagram account. I may go back to using it, but have decided to stick to Hipstamatic and Flickr :D

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