10 December 2012


I'm in the process of finishing off all my childcare study for the year. It's the last PUSH! Considering there was a period (which lasted since I finished my Prac in September to about... NOW) where I was positive I wasn't going to finish. But with help from a wonderful lecturer (who pretty much forced me to sit down with her) I've spent the last couple of days trying to get everything finished.
I HAVE ONE THING LEFT TO GO, but it's the biggest! It's my prac workbook and it covers 6 different units, and most of it relates back to my prac (which I can't really remember!)


I'm also excited because next year I'm going back to finish off the Cert 3 and 4 units, I also get to do more prac, but this time in a proper childcare centre. One day a week for 20 weeks. 10 weeks with babies and 10 weeks with "big kids" ie 3-5year olds. I'm excited.

Anyway, onwards. Check out this video from Benjamin Cook.


It features pretty much every excellent youtuber in the UK, as well as a voice cameo from none other than NEIL freaking GAIMAN! I need to be Benjamin Cook.
And to make him even more awesome. He's the co-author of Doctor Who: The Writers Tale... and do you know who he co-wrote it with??? Russell T Davies! The book is pretty much just a collection of emails and text messages between Ben and RTD. The book is amazing, full of all sorts of information about Doctor Who, other RTD created series like Torchwood and Queer as Folk (UK Version). It's a pretty amazing book. I have The Final Chapter version which is a "nose crushing" 704 pages. I say "nose crushing" because, if like me, you read in bed and fall asleep and drop the book on your nose... it's a crusher!

Benjamin Cook is also amazing. I wish I could have his hair... (this picture is for all you lazy people who don't watch the video!)
Not very many 30 year old men can pull off that look... but Ben can :D

Hoping to pick up my iPad Mini tomorrow. Depending on how much I get paid. I did work extra last week. I have a list of things to pay for this week and it equals about $400... so anything more than that and I can eat during the week :D

We will see. I will do an unboxing. Even though you have all seen them before and they're a little boring in photo form :D

Bless your face.

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