17 December 2012

Scary Day :(

Let's get straight into it.

I fainted in the carpark at work today :(
I remember getting out of my car and seeing Rhonda (who I work with) I remember putting my bag on the ground, and that's it.
I remember being in the Managers office. Apparently I walked to the office with Rhonda's help, but I don't remember.
Mum came and picked me up and I went to the doctors.
The verdict is:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stress
  • Failing eyesight (in only my left eye)
  • Possible Iron deficiency

The doctor also mentioned Diabetes :(
And her solution: Lose weight.
WTF! What does she think I'm doing? I'm trying to lose weight, and not like she's the first person to tell me I'm fat. She couldn't even recommend anything to make me feel better. She recommended ginger for the dizziness, but I'm allergic to ginger. So it's just panadol for the next week, which is the busiest week of the effing year in retail. This is why I dislike doctors. I go and they tell me what I already know and then charge me $70!

Anyway, that was my day.
I still have a slight headache. I've been drinking water all day, but don't seem to feel any better. I'm not tired, but I keep getting told to go to bed :(

But if my eye sight is going, I'll finally get to wear glasses!!! YAY!


  1. If they think you have diabetes then they should have sent you for blood work to make sure so they can help treat it :( Also should of done bloods for the possible iron deficiency!

    ((hugs)) Doctors are so shit, the ones around here mention my weight regardless of what I go in there for and I'm a 14 - the 'average' Australian size.. so it seems to be some sort of easy way out for them to just fob it off on weight issues instead of doing any real doctoring work!

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    1. thanks Jordie. I feel heaps better today. Now I just have to talk myself into getting blood tests done. I hate needles!