16 December 2012

Sleepy Kitty

I've been very busy over the last week trying to get all my studies finished.
I did it!
Handed it in on Friday, hopefully I will pass.

All my mail has arrived, my 2 Professor Brian Cox books (Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe) my 2013 diary from Typo and (finally) my Creeper plush from Jinx. I will bring you photos and such another time.

I'm at mums chilling with my kitty niece Pippin. She's such a cutie.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas, what is everyone doing? We are having a relaxed Christmas this year, no presents, just a simple lunch etc. We will see how simple it will be when it actually happens.

I like the new year. I like getting a new diary and starting fresh, but the years pretty much end up the same. I say I'm going to do all these things. I hate new years resolutions because I ultimately fail at them. But every year I write them :D

What new years resolutions does everyone have? I might stick to simple ones. I noticed that my 2012 Bucket List wasn't completed, so I guess I'll add the undone ones to my 2013 Bucket List.

Anyhoo. That's it for today :D

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