04 January 2013


Listening… The Hobbit soundtrack
Reading… The Hobbit
Watching… Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012. Also in the middle of my Lee Pace-athon, currently watching Wonderfalls.
Buying… Nothing! I need to save money for PAX!
Wanting… Money for PAX.
Trying… to avoid sugar. But since I've stopped eating sugar I've been craving red meat a lot. I don't know if it's related or not. It's just weird, because I don't usually have craving.
Loving… My glasses, and being able to see probably :D
Planning… PAX Aus trip with my little sister Alex. It's going to be awesome. We are going to Melbourne for PAX and then flying to Sydney for a couple of days :D
Writing… Not much, just things in my 2013 Diary. Quotes and my reading list etc.
Inspired by… Polyvore is pretty good at inspiring me. Also other bloggers. Not very many of my friends blog, so when they do I get inspired to blog :D

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