23 January 2013

HELP- I need inspiration!

I'm so uninspired to blog!

^ that short sentence has been sitting there for the last 2 hours while I fluff around on the internet looking for inspiration!


It's so frustrating!

I'm waiting for a CD to download. Damnesia by Alkaline Trio. I've seen Alkaline Trio live, but only knew 2 of their songs (Time To Waste & Kiss Kiss, Love Love) so I'm downloading their newest album which is a collection of their old songs that they have re-recorded and changed :D Plus the singer is attractive (in that I'm in high school again and think guyliner is hot sort of way!)

I've been walking. I've walked 1km (or more) each day for the last 3 days. I have also tried to watch what I eat.

So it's been another 2 hours since I stopped writing this post! FML!

Maybe tomorrow :D


1 comment:

  1. blog about dogs or cats or any animal, let your sisters do a guest post, your favourite things you have bought this year/ever, what you want to do/buy/be in the next year or even the next 5, what your week is generally like, more about your general likes and dislikes? anyyyything! :D