28 January 2013

Wonders Of Life

Professor Brian Cox's new series Wonders of Life aired in the UK this morning (it was 5am my time, but 9pm yesterday, their time) and I'm so excited!
I admit that I will download it to watch it! But I will also be buying in on Blu-ray as soon as it's released in Australia (or UK for that matter, because we have the same region coding)

Not only do I get to see Brian Cox, but the trailer features the re-written scientifically correct Galaxy Song by Eric Idle (from Monty Pythons Meaning of Life)

Just listen... (and watch)

I can't wait. There is also a book to go with the series, which I will buy once I have some money. Money is going to be tight for awhile. I had a drop a shift at work for school. So I'm only working 19hours a week. I'm considering going back to my old job (if they'll have me) but there are pros and cons to it.

Anyway, that's it for now :D

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