24 February 2013

March is New Movie Month

March is next week.
I have decided that March will be...

New Movie Month!

I'm going to watch ONLY NEW movies next month. i.e. Movies I've never seen before.
I will try to do a little mini review on the movies I watch.

I've actually started it a little early. I'm excited and hopefully I will stick to it.

I've also update my Movie List :D

Stay tuned.

22 February 2013

Birthday Present for Me!

My sister made me a Sips & Sjin plushie for my birthday.
My birthday was 4 months ago and I got them yesterday.
Aren't they awesome!
There was no pattern so Kaitie had to come up with her own pattern.
I love them :D

Best. Present. EVER!

11 February 2013

Currently ... {new list}

I have found a new "Currently..." list.
Hope you like it. It starts with a word and I don't really understand it's context so I'm just going to wing it :D

Weathering ... 
okay so Weathering means the erosion of soils and rocks etc. but I'm going to go with how the weather is :D It was nice today. 27c. I sent most of the day outside running around after children. I didn't really notice the heat.

Listening ... 
She-Wolf by David Guetta feat. Sia, and Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia. They're both really good songs. I love them :D Not a fan of the other artists that David Guetta makes music with!

Reading ... 
The Survivals Guide to Life by Bear Grylls. It's a self-help book by Bear Grylls. Seemed like a good idea! Also received my Camino de Santiago guide book today :D

Eating ... 
not sugar! I'm down 3.5kg since last week, because I've given up sugar.

Drinking ... 
Pepsi Max, I tried to quit. I know it's bad for me, but I just can't do it!

Wearing ... 
Black pants, black polo shirt and my sneakers. Seriously I had to be really comfy for Prac, and it helps that black doesn't strain as much. I have glue and paint in my hair!

Feeling ...
Alone. I don't feel comfortable in this house. My room is my only safe place, but I can still hear them. I really need to get my act together and move out.

Wanting ...
To move out. More Red-tailed Black Cockatoo tail feathers :). Something REALLY yummy with no sugar in it, but still sweet :D

Needing ...
To move out.

Thinking ...
A lot, especially at night. Which drives me crazy! I wish I could just make my brain stop!

Enjoying ...
Studying again. I enjoy being in class. I enjoy learning!

Wondering ...
How someone so selfish has made it so far in life. I just don't get it. It's true. Nice Girls do come last.

Loving ...
New "Currently" list. Prac. Playing Minecraft online with my friends. The fact that "she" is going away for a week. 

10 February 2013

Benedict in Empire!

This is the UK cover. But the Australian Empire magazine has Chris Pine as Kirk on the front and then you fold the cover out to this! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!

I'm so freaking excited for this movie, it's not even funny!

I start my childcare prac tomorrow.
I'm starting in the 3-5 year old room.
I'm scared, but excited.
I work 8.30 - 5.00 with 1 hour lunch break.

This week is also my last week at Target
Which means this is probably my last weekend for awhile :D
I will probably cry on Friday.

I'm also going to weigh myself tomorrow and seriously get my act together.

I also need to start thinking about buying flights to Melbourne for PAX.
I'm more excited about going to Sydney after PAX than I am going to PAX.
But no-one that exciting has been announced for PAX yet.

08 February 2013

I'm On Youtube!

I tried making a Minecraft youtube video, but it was too hard, so instead I had someone else do it! 
I'm in a youtube video. 
Thanks to SgtBrendo


There are more to come. Head to SgtBrendo's youtube page and subscribe for more :D
Obviously I'm "princessgeek86"
My skin is Fiona from Adventure Time
but I'm going to change it :D

04 February 2013

Fixing Life

I have 3 issues with my life at the moment:
My Job.
My Home.
My Body.

Today I did something about one.

I resigned from my job today.
I have mixed feelings about it.
I think it's time.
I'm going back to Blockbuster.
I will have to work nights and weekends, but I will have more shifts, and it's flexible.

I started TAFE today.
I'm looking forward to it.
I have prac all ready, I just have to go in and talk to the co-ordinator.

I really didn't want to leave my job, but every time I was there I felt depressed.
It's not a very good thing when you feel like that.
So going back to Blockbuster.

I just need reassurance that what I'm doing is right! :(
But now that I'm casual I can do some work for Kids Central.
And if I get a job in childcare, I won't have to give notice.

I'll be okay.
Just feeling very unsure.
But it will all be okay!


02 February 2013

Five Lists of Five

5 Characters/ People I Want To Be
  1. Sunako (from The Wallflower manga and anime)
  2. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
  3. Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)
  4. Sherlock Holmes
  5. Pippin (The Lord of The Rings)
5 Youtubers I Last Watched
5 New Songs On My Playlist
  1. Radio by Alkaline Trio
  2. Euphemia by Area 11 (as well as all other 11 songs from their new album)
  3. Sister Christian by Night Ranger
  4. I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner
  5. Take My Breath Away by Berlin (which was #1 song on the day I was born)
5 Famous People I Have Met
  1. Karl Urban
  2. Tom Felton
  3. Alfie Allen
  4. Matthew Reilly
  5. James Marsters
5 Items I Can Grab From Here

Things I Bought

Things I Bought

I Quit Sugar (Detox & Cookbook) by Sarah Wilson 

I'm giving up sugar.
Well cutting back to begin with.
Sugar makes me feel gross!
This book has some really yummy recipes in it.
Hopefully some good snack food for lunch etc.
I'm back to TAFE on Monday.
I'm excited.

Area 11 - All The Lights In The Sky

Debut album from Area 11.
It's a mixture of Western and Eastern music.
J-Pop by a group of guys from England.
It's good :D


I've been reading lots of blogs to get some inspiration.
If you have any awesome blogs you read (or write) 
leave a comment so I can check them out :D