10 February 2013

Benedict in Empire!

This is the UK cover. But the Australian Empire magazine has Chris Pine as Kirk on the front and then you fold the cover out to this! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!

I'm so freaking excited for this movie, it's not even funny!

I start my childcare prac tomorrow.
I'm starting in the 3-5 year old room.
I'm scared, but excited.
I work 8.30 - 5.00 with 1 hour lunch break.

This week is also my last week at Target
Which means this is probably my last weekend for awhile :D
I will probably cry on Friday.

I'm also going to weigh myself tomorrow and seriously get my act together.

I also need to start thinking about buying flights to Melbourne for PAX.
I'm more excited about going to Sydney after PAX than I am going to PAX.
But no-one that exciting has been announced for PAX yet.

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  1. Yay a post! Yay some eggies! Love you long time sweet thang xx