30 March 2013

Vlog #1

I vlogged.
I actually think it was on my bucket list!
So, YAY!

Sorry for the sound and the video being out of sync.
I need to learn how to edit properly.
I will do another one tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy it.
Don't forget to...

Also let me know what you want me to vlog about.

Also don't forget to check out these amazing new vloggers:

I probably won't post my vlog here everytime I do one

28 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Emmy's Vlog of awesome. Subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE.

♥ I ordered 3 geek related necklaces. A Deathly Hallows, a Piece of Eight, and The One Ring. They only cost me $15 for all three, including shipping :)

Deathly Hallows

Piece of Eight

The One Ring!!

 I'm going to be rocking all the FANDOMS!!! I got them from CocoNecklace on Etsy.

♥ Finding out that Lord Voldemort aka Ralph Fiennes is the 9th cousin of Prince Charles! DUDE! Voldemort is like 150th in line to be King of England!!!

 <---- I don't think this man can get any cooler! He's Voldemort, Hades, had kids with River Song (Doctor Who) and now is actually related (by blood) to the Royal Family! Plus.... SPOILERS (he's the new M in James Bond) Seriously...!

♥ I have bootcamped my iMac. For non-tech people that means that I can now run OSX (Normal Apple Operating System ) and Windows on my iMac. So now I can play Simcity (which is AWESOME) and I'm currently downloading Don't Starve on Steam. I'm excited!

I really love the graphics. Indie games today aren't just games, they're artworks. Don't Starve, The Cave, they're all so beautiful. So much love has gone into them!

♥ Getting Mail! This week I got a textbook (woo!) called Staying Healthy in Childcare (it was free from the governement, so I'm not complaining) my ASOS order (will blog about it soon) and awesome presents from Emmy! (I did a post about it HERE)


Happy Thursday everyone.

Also have a happy Easter.

26 March 2013


I got mail today!
From Emma aka Cupquake Stormageddon (my dad was very confused)
There was 2 Parcels!
One of them my dad had opened because it was wet :0
But he managed to save the contents... more later!
Even if my birthday was in November... last year :P
I'm excited about eating the Pop-tarts. I've never had them before!

First the card....
Best. Card. Ever!
But I need to return it, because none of the buttons work.

Now the best bit.
The present!
Super glittery Typo Journal
to fill with awesome things that make me happy.
and an organic Lollipop!

The other parcel, that my dad saved had the awesomest present ever!
Severus Snape print by Stewart McKenny
personally signed!!!!!


23 March 2013

Baking Bucket List

Baking Bucket List
will be updated regularly :D

Cake Pops.

Angel Food Cake - even if it uses a WHOLE dozen of eggs! 12 freaking eggs! and not just the whole eggs, just the egg whites!! That's crazy! It will definitely be a celebration cake!




Some sort of Pie with pastry made from scratch!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes.

Adriano Zumbo box Macarons! (available at Woolworths) I currently have a Salted Caramel box.
first try was an epic failure. I followed the instruction (it said beat for 4 minutes) 15 minutes later the egg still hadn't stiffened. So I kept going. But I don't think I went long enough so they didn't rise probably. :)

Diet Coke Cupcakes (requested by @plainprincess)

Baked Cheese Cake

18 March 2013

my week according to Instagram

my week according to Instagram

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Got excited over the release of the FIRST R18+ game in Australia. For all those in other countries, Australia has never had 18+ games... which means that the games were edited down to get a 15+ rating, or banned! Now finally after years of waiting and signing petitions... AUSTRALIA has 18+ rating for video games!

Derpy face me!

Getting all OCD over tablets not matching the right way in the Panadol packages!

Mango Macaroons from McDonalds! I hate Mango, but they were the only ones left. But dispite the mango flavour... they were delicious!

Simcity guide book. Since I can't play Simcity yet, I will get my fix by reading all the info and watching ALL the youtube videos!

Chocolate Macaroons from McDonalds. This was super YUMMY! I actually walk into McDonalds to order my food now, just so I can see if they have Macaroons!

Woolworths sell Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So tempted to cook Chocolate Cupcakes and stick a Peanut Butter Cup inside them! YUMMMY!

Midnight DIY Geometric Stag. I was bored at midnight, so I drew on my bag. This is the result! Looks pretty snazzy!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Hope everyone is having a great day/week.
Leave a comment about what you did in the last week.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

10 March 2013

Tattoo Talk... again!

The reason why I don't have any tattoos yet is because I don't know what I want.
I'm so indecisive!
Also because most of the designs I want, I want on my forearm... and well, I only have 2 forearms!
I have so many awesome ideas. Those are only a few of them!
Then, my stupid brain, that hasn't learnt how to be a free thinker yet, is worried about what "society" will think. Especially since I'm studying childcare! But it's so stupid, because so many parents have tattoos, so why can't the childcare educators?!

The first assignment from the How to be a Fat Bitch e-course is about acceptance. About being yourself and not worrying about labels. Especially the "fat" label. About doing things that make you happy! I added "Make a tattoo appointment", and I really want to make it! But I don't want to make it when I'm unprepared!

I'm not seeking any approval on tattoo designs. This is my way of making decisions :D talking through it :D

Anyway, enough chatter :D

08 March 2013

Fat Bitch. Assignment 1

I've registered for Nearsighted Owls "How to be a Fat Bitch" ecourse. Part one is "You are not giving up"

Today's assignment is as follows:
Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy. Not "even though you are fat" but because you are fat and awesome. 5 things that have nothing to do with trying for the sake of others. 5 things for yourself and your well being. Like "go out dancing and actually dance", "throw away my scale", "make something yummy and bring it to work to share", "join a yoga class" and "wear that tight leopard skirt". Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below. EXTRA CREDIT: Do some of them!
So here we go :D
5 Things That Will Make Me HAPPY!!
1. Enrol in the Cake Decorating class at the local TAFE. It will cost $200 for 2 night classes, but it will be awesome!
2. Wear clothing that I like, not what everyone else wants me to wear.
3. Make an appointment to get my tattoo.
4. Try (REALLY TRY) not giving a shit about what one certain person in my life thinks of me, says, does etc. She doesn't matter!!!
5. Be more social :D
Hopefully I'll be able to pull all of them off. Hopefully I can do it!!!! Wish me luck!!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

EDIT (added 9/03/13)
I've had a few people ask why I'd want to be a "bitch"
This e-course is not about making me into a "rude, mean evil" sort of "bitch" more of a "I don't care what you think of me" sort of "bitch"
I'm a nice person and always have been, my main problem (yes it's a problem) is I worry too much about making sure other people are happy, before making sure I'm happy.
You think you can be either "Selfish" or "Selfless" but you can actually be both and still be a nice person. Some people don't know how to pull that off.
I'm in the process of trying to become more "selfish".
You may think that that sounds like a bad idea.
I'm not being selfish as in, "I won't help someone" I'm becoming selfish as in "I will wear/do/think what I want, and not what you want!" etc.
I hope you understand what I'm going on about.

It's about finding that middle point between, being who you want to be, but still being a nice, generous person.

I hope I will find it one day.

07 March 2013


The new Simcity is out and I am so excited to play it...
...except for all the issues they're having.
Some people have to wait 50minutes to play in SINGLE-PLAYER because in order to play it SINGLE-PLAYER you have to connect to one of EAs servers. Which means in order to play the new Simcity, you have to have ALWAYS ON internet.
Which is probably fine for people who have access to broadband all the time, but for me, it's going to be an issue.
Also, the Mac version is not out yet, and there is not actual release date, just "Spring 2013" which is anytime between now and June, plus it will be download only. So I've decided to spend $150 to by Windows 7 so I can install it on my Mac, so I can have both OSX and Windows on my computer, in order to play Simcity, but that also means I'll be able to play other games as well.

I'm hoping that by the time I have Simcity that all the server issues will be fixed. If I could have anything it would be a patch so that you don't need to be connected to the internet to play single-player. That would be amazing, but probably won't happen.

Until then I will just continue watching youtube vids of other people playing it and stay tuned into the news. It's hilarious watching everyone be angry that it doesn't work. I hope EA are shitting themselves, but they most like don't give a shit what we think.


04 March 2013

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Adventure Time with Molly & Alex

Alex and I went on an Adventure today. It started out as simple as me needing to drive to Denmark (50km drive) to pick up some Ostrich Eggs (more on that later)
We ended up deciding to make a day of it.

After I picked up the eggs, we went to the Denmark Bakery for Brunch.
I had a Chicken Turkish Bread and a piece of Princess Cake (which I forgot to take a photo of... and I know Emma is going to be angry cos I forgot!)

EDIT: Now with added Princess Cake goodness!
I need to learn to make one of these. Cream and Custard and Cake and Icing!
I see why it's called a Princess Cake!.

Then we drove 50km out the other side of Denmark to Dinosaur.
All because Alex and I wanted to cross something off our LifeScouts lists.
(also Alex is secretly a T-Rex and wanted to meet her family... shhh! Don't tell anyone!)

I got to hold a Bearded Dragon.
He felt so nice and spiky, but still soft.

I held a snake.
Okay, so I've held a snake before, but since I decided to restart me LifeScouts list I would do it again.
I held 2 snakes. This one, which is a Diamond Python and a Simpsons Python (but all the photos were blurry!)

NOTE: Just ordered the Badge from LifeScouts!

Then we went outside to hang with the birds..

This Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, wanted to come home with me.
There were other birds, mostly Australian Natives that you could touch and play with.
And in the cages they had 2 Blue Maccaws (which I managed to score some feathers from) and 2 Scarlett Maccaws, (I only managed to find a green feather from them).

BONUS - Got bitten by a grumpy Pink & Grey Galah.
Little Basterd! LOL

This is Alexs' great great great great etc. Grandfather... apparently.

Then we drove up the road to The Valley of The Giants.
Which is a Tingle Tree/Red Karri Tree forest.
They have set up a walkway in the tree tops.
It's scary. But I did it!

The View from the highest point!

I was more scared than I looked!!
Then you do a walk around the base of the trees.
They're freaking huge!

Me being a spazz in the Tree!!!

Alex and I chilling.

One of the other LifeScouts' badges is visit the Rainforest.
Technically this is a Temperate Rainforest... (according to my father)
Does that count?
I think of Rainforest as well... a Rainforest :D
So I'm not going to count it!

Then we got an Icecream... Apparently it was "Denmarks Biggest Cone!"
It was Yummy.

Then we drove home.
It did cost a bit.
And I probably shouldn't be spending money.
But it was fun so it doesn't matter!


When I picked up the Ostrich Eggs (I got 3) I said to the lady that all I needed now was an Emu egg.
And guess what she had!?
The dark one is the Emu egg, obviously the other one is the Ostrich egg
And below are the Feathers I collected.
One Emu feather (also from awesome Egg lady)
and blue and green Maccaw feathers!

When is your next adventure going to be?
Where will you go?
Even around your hometown.
It's heaps of fun.


03 March 2013


It's been awhile since the last Geekcraft post.
Hope you enjoy these 4 awesome DIY posts.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Most beautiful looking cake ever.
I've eaten Angel Food Cake before, but never made it.
This recipe seems quite simple.
Plus - AMAZING 7 minute Frosting. It's so shiny!

It's a wonderful blog.

Prudent Baby even has the pattern.
You could upcycle an old coat :D
I'm definitely going to make one of these!

So cute. Such a clever idea.

I would love one of these.
I would make it huge!
I love the "vintage" effect.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I love DIY.
I wish I had more space to do it.
When I have my own house, I will have a DIY Room.
And spend all my time making awesome stuff.

01 March 2013


I watch Charlieissocoollike on Youtube. He was one of the first Youtubers I actually started watching.
Today he posted a video of him skydiving.

The reason he went skydiving was because of his friend, Alex Days new website called LifeScouts where you can earn badges for doing things.

For those who know me... I LOVE BADGES! and with LifeScouts you can actually order real badges. Some of them are really hard to do (See Easter Island etc) and others are really easy (Have a Picnic, Swim etc) so it's going to be fun to collect them.

It only started in Januray with one badge released a day, then Febuary was Animal Month, with 10 badges release and March is Nerd Month :D so it's going to be freaking awesome!

Real badges are £3.00 each and it's £0.50 shipping per each badge :D So they are a little pricey, but from the look of them they look very well made :D You can buy the badges here!

Here are the badges I've already earn in the past. But I'm going to do them all again before I order the badges :D

See The Sydney Opera House.
Last year in Febuary I went to Sydney and saw the Sydney Opera House :D
I saw it, but I didn't walk up to it and touch it :D

See the Sunrise.
It's been awhile since I've done this.
I can't remember the last time I did it.

This I do everyday, pretty much!

Tried it twice. Didn't get a bullseye, but manage to hit the target (and the wall)
Not really my thing :D

Have a Picnic.
Picnics are fun!
I want to have a flash picnic with a red and white checked blanket.

I can swim. But haven't gone swimming in ages!

Go Fishing.
I hate fishing! :D

Go to a Drive-in Movie.
I remember watching Milo & Otis and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hold a snake.
Did this on my 24th birthday.
It was awesome.
I love snakes :D

Own a pet.
Cats, Birds, Bunnies etc... I've had heaps of pets.

Go to the Zoo.
Last Zoo I went to was Taronga in Sydney.
And it will probably be the next one I go to as well.

I'm looking forward to Nerd Month.

It's also the first day of Autumn and the first day of New Movie Month. :D