04 March 2013

Adventure Time with Molly & Alex

Alex and I went on an Adventure today. It started out as simple as me needing to drive to Denmark (50km drive) to pick up some Ostrich Eggs (more on that later)
We ended up deciding to make a day of it.

After I picked up the eggs, we went to the Denmark Bakery for Brunch.
I had a Chicken Turkish Bread and a piece of Princess Cake (which I forgot to take a photo of... and I know Emma is going to be angry cos I forgot!)

EDIT: Now with added Princess Cake goodness!
I need to learn to make one of these. Cream and Custard and Cake and Icing!
I see why it's called a Princess Cake!.

Then we drove 50km out the other side of Denmark to Dinosaur.
All because Alex and I wanted to cross something off our LifeScouts lists.
(also Alex is secretly a T-Rex and wanted to meet her family... shhh! Don't tell anyone!)

I got to hold a Bearded Dragon.
He felt so nice and spiky, but still soft.

I held a snake.
Okay, so I've held a snake before, but since I decided to restart me LifeScouts list I would do it again.
I held 2 snakes. This one, which is a Diamond Python and a Simpsons Python (but all the photos were blurry!)

NOTE: Just ordered the Badge from LifeScouts!

Then we went outside to hang with the birds..

This Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, wanted to come home with me.
There were other birds, mostly Australian Natives that you could touch and play with.
And in the cages they had 2 Blue Maccaws (which I managed to score some feathers from) and 2 Scarlett Maccaws, (I only managed to find a green feather from them).

BONUS - Got bitten by a grumpy Pink & Grey Galah.
Little Basterd! LOL

This is Alexs' great great great great etc. Grandfather... apparently.

Then we drove up the road to The Valley of The Giants.
Which is a Tingle Tree/Red Karri Tree forest.
They have set up a walkway in the tree tops.
It's scary. But I did it!

The View from the highest point!

I was more scared than I looked!!
Then you do a walk around the base of the trees.
They're freaking huge!

Me being a spazz in the Tree!!!

Alex and I chilling.

One of the other LifeScouts' badges is visit the Rainforest.
Technically this is a Temperate Rainforest... (according to my father)
Does that count?
I think of Rainforest as well... a Rainforest :D
So I'm not going to count it!

Then we got an Icecream... Apparently it was "Denmarks Biggest Cone!"
It was Yummy.

Then we drove home.
It did cost a bit.
And I probably shouldn't be spending money.
But it was fun so it doesn't matter!


When I picked up the Ostrich Eggs (I got 3) I said to the lady that all I needed now was an Emu egg.
And guess what she had!?
The dark one is the Emu egg, obviously the other one is the Ostrich egg
And below are the Feathers I collected.
One Emu feather (also from awesome Egg lady)
and blue and green Maccaw feathers!

When is your next adventure going to be?
Where will you go?
Even around your hometown.
It's heaps of fun.