23 March 2013

Baking Bucket List

Baking Bucket List
will be updated regularly :D

Cake Pops.

Angel Food Cake - even if it uses a WHOLE dozen of eggs! 12 freaking eggs! and not just the whole eggs, just the egg whites!! That's crazy! It will definitely be a celebration cake!




Some sort of Pie with pastry made from scratch!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes.

Adriano Zumbo box Macarons! (available at Woolworths) I currently have a Salted Caramel box.
first try was an epic failure. I followed the instruction (it said beat for 4 minutes) 15 minutes later the egg still hadn't stiffened. So I kept going. But I don't think I went long enough so they didn't rise probably. :)

Diet Coke Cupcakes (requested by @plainprincess)

Baked Cheese Cake

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